Sony to Discontinue PS5 Accolades Feature

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Sony to Discontinue PS5 Accolades Feature

Due to low user engagement, Sony is removing the Accolades feature on PS5 consoles this fall.

“The feature hasn’t seen the level of usage we anticipated, so we are refocusing our efforts. We encourage the community to continue to send positive messages to one another.” read the post on PlayStation's Support blog. Sony's decision to remove this feature came after an incredibly low uptake amongst PS5 users, with many on Twitter unaware that the feature even existed.

Playstation users were able to send any of the four accolades, such as “helpful,” “welcoming,” “leader,” or a “good sport.” The Accolades received by players could then be viewed on their PSN profiles. But it turns out, players weren't exactly interested in sending rewards to others more than gathering them for their own account. Many players on social media have also complained that they were unable to find that feature in-game, let alone know how to send an accolade to their in-game teammate.

Sony's released this feature to combat in-game toxicity and to enable players to send positive feedback to each other, but it turns out this feature wasn't very easy to find in a list of games. Sony is actively releasing overhauls and upgrades to improve the PS5 experience, especially with the release of a new loyalty program recently, Playstation Stars. The new loyalty program enables players to earn points and use them in new games.

Although this feature sounds like fun, it wasn't getting the engagement Sony had hoped it would. The company plans to discontinue the feature “in the fall of 2022”, as the media giant engages its efforts and resources into other features that players would enjoy.

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