Sony Increasing Global Prices on All PlayStation Plus 12-Month Subscriptions

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Sony Increasing Global Prices on All PlayStation Plus 12-Month Subscriptions

If you're an annual subscriber to PlayStation Plus, things are about to get more expensive.

Sony has just announced that prices for their 12-month PlayStation Plus will be going up. These global price hikes will kick in starting September 6 and affect their PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Exclusive subscriptions. These plans will go from $60 to $80, $100 to $135, and $120 to $160, respectively. 

For PlayStation Plus subscribers in other regions, the price hikes go as follows:

PlayStation Plus Essential 12-Month Subscription

| 71,99 Euro | 59.99 GBP | 6,800 Yen

PlayStation Plus Extra 12-Month Subscription

| 125,99 Euro | 99.99 GBP | 11,700 Yen

PlayStation Plus Premium 12-Month Subscription

| 151,99 Euro | 119.99 GBP | 13,900 Yen

If you currently have an active 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription, the price hikes will not affect you until your next renewal date on or after November 6. 

In the blog post announcing the price hikes, Sony stated that these increases would help it to continue delivering high-quality games and other benefits to its subscribers. 

Is This The Right Move?

Sony isn't the first to raise its' subscription prices this year, with the Xbox Game Pass subscription prices having gone up two months ago. But many PlayStation gamers are questioning and criticizing the move.

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Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription growth has been stagnant for years. Since reaching a peak of 48 million subscribers in December 2021, Sony has fluctuated between 45 million and just under 48 million subscribers. 

Sony has yet to state if additional benefits are coming with the increased prices. That, combined with general increased economic stress across the globe, will make it harder for some subscribers to justify continuing their subscriptions. 


Sony Increasing Global Prices on All PlayStation Plus 12-Month Subscriptions
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