Sony announces PlayStation Plus monthly games for September 2023

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Sony announces PlayStation Plus monthly games for September 2023

Sony announces PlayStation Plus games for September: Generation Zero, Black Desert Traveler Edition, and Saints Row

From September 5 to October 2, PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to 3 new games: Black Desert – Traveler Edition (PS4), Saints Row (PS4 and PS5), and Generation Zero (PS4). This lineup of monthly games for September was announced on the PlayStation Blog.

Let’s take a look at what each game has to offer:

Saints Row | PS4, PS5

Saints Row brings their best ever gaming experience to the field with the world of Santo Ileso as a backdrop. The new version offers fully untethered drop-in/drop-out co-op when playing online so your gameplay is smooth as ever.

Saints Rows claims this version has their biggest roadmap ever created. The DLC expansions released this year add new weapons, campaign missions, gameplay, cosmetics, and vehicles. The expansion packs can be bought separately but players who own the expansion pass will get them directly on launch.

Players who have tried Saints Row with the new patches have commented on the game’s silliness. It’s still got some bugs and glitches but it can lighten up your mood with goofy humour and a bigger roadmap.

Sony announces PlayStation Plus monthly games for September 2023


Black Desert – Traveler Edition | PS4

Black Desert Traveler Edition has multiple add-ons to accompany the base game. The add-ons can be found on the PlayStation store for separate download as The Traveler Item Pack.

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This open-world fantasy MMORPG game has fast-paced PvE combat and large-scale PvP siege wars. Choose from multiple character classes as well as a tirade of missions such as alchemy, trade, fishing, cooking, and more.

Black Desert Online has ranked up a following since its genesis in 2014. But the game MMO is designed to target casual players as well. So it’s easy for gamers to pick up and continue. Regular players of BDO will be aware that the developers pick up on and fix bugs with every update.

The new version of BDO includes solo boss battles unseen in previous versions. These bosses have more phases and take longer to defeat. A tip from the players: Don’t use summoning the summoning device when playing the solo rift. The bosses have 10 times more HP so use the “echo scroll” instead.

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Generation Zero

Generation Zero is a battle and survival simulation game that can be played solo or with three other players. Immerse yourself in this first-person perspective open-world adventure game set in 1980s Sweden. Combat against deadly mechanical enemies while scavenging to survive and unravel the thrilling mystery of the game's plot.

The DLC packs added this year include the Companion Free Update, Paid DLC Companion Accessories Pack, Halloween Free Event for October, and more. The developers have updated weapon augmentation, skills revamp, and new procedural missions.

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Generation Zero is popular among players for its high quality graphics as well as countless hours of gameplay map. The solo routes are reported to be highly enjoyable and immersive. Another exciting add-on in the new Generation Zero is the “Making Friends” feature. You can program a DLC, add weapons to it, and even talk to it! Never hurts to have a friend when you’re scouring a land overtaken by evil robots.

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Playstation monthly games for August

The games lineup for August were Dreams, PGA Tour 2K23, and Death's Door. These games will be available until 4th September 2023. Amp up your gaming experience by adding these gems to your game library.

Sony announces new prices for PlayStation Plus

More on PlayStation updates, Sony has hiked up PlayStation Plus prices on their 12-month subscriptions. The increase in PlayStation Plus subscription fee has affected their bundle and pass prices.

PlayStation subscribers always look forward to new monthly games to spice up their gaming life. A number of players are looking forward to trying Saints Row on the PlayStation. Add the September games to your gaming library before time runs out and have fun!

Sony announces PlayStation Plus monthly games for September 2023
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