Solo Leveling Arise F2P Guide

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Solo Leveling Arise F2P Guide

The world of gacha games is always expanding. In addition to the very famous Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail (just to name two), there are also other games that are managing to have good success, such as Solo Leveling Arise. However, many are curious to know if it is possible to enjoy the game without spending real money.

In this Solo Leveling Arise F2P guide, therefore, we will try to give you all the advice that we have had the opportunity to test during this more or less first month of the game. In this way, you will be able to enjoy an excellent experience even without the help of real money (not everyone has the financial means to fully embrace the structure of gacha games).

Solo Leveling Arise F2P Guide

First of all, before getting into the heart of the matter, we would like to say that the developers have done an excellent job with Solo Leveling Arise. We are not just talking from the point of view of the story of the game, since it is a re-adaptation of other media, but for the structure of the game and its contents.

Even if you decide to remain a free-to-play player, you won't feel the absence of the gacha part much. In fact, the development team has ensured that the game can be enjoyed even by those who do not prefer (or do not have the possibility) to invest money in order to obtain characters, weapons, various objects, etc.

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Clear Gates, Instance Dungeons, and Encore Missions

One of the things you definitely need to do in order to succeed as a free-to-play player in Solo Leveling Arise is to dedicate yourself to the various secondary activities that are present in the game. Clear gates, instance dungeons, and encore missions are a fundamental part if you want to gain experience and money to level up and become stronger.

Furthermore, all these activities will also allow you to obtain artifacts, i.e. objects that you can equip to individual characters in the game. As you progress through the game and advance in level, you will be able to obtain increasingly better rewards that will allow you to increase your team's battle power.

Dispatch Gates

Closely related to what we have said, there is the fact that you should not forget to dispatch the gates once you have cleared them. In fact, this will allow you to obtain additional rewards (money, experience, etc) which will certainly come in very useful throughout your adventure.

solo leveling arise f2p guide

Unlock All Objectives During Missions and Other Activities

As you will surely have seen, when you start a mission, on the right there will be three objectives that you will have to try to fulfill to obtain extra rewards. Our advice, therefore, is to try to complete as many as possible. If you can't do it at that moment, continue and retrace your steps when you are stronger.

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Completing these secondary objectives (which are available not only in story missions but also in other activities) is very important, both to receive resources and to receive bonus die tickets that you can use to draw during events. In this case, you will unlock those that allow you to take part in the Custom Event.

Complete Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Missions

Another thing you will definitely have to do to get a myriad of different rewards that will make your life as a free-to-play player in Solo Leveling Arise easier, is to complete the daily, weekly, and seasonal missions. Luckily for you, they are all very simple to complete (you will have to log in, spend a certain amount of money, clear some gates, etc).

solo leveling arise f2p guide

Complete Challenges

Another way you can get rewards in Solo Leveling Arise completely free is to complete the challenges. These challenges are divided into different chapters and each of them has a certain number of challenges to complete. Completing these challenges is more or less simple. Some require you to complete specific missions; others require you to increase the level of characters, weapons, artifacts, etc.

Complete the Battlefield of Trials

Finally, another very effective way for you to get resources and money in Solo Leveling Arise completely for free is to complete the Battlefield of Trials. These are nothing more than challenges that you will have to complete either with Sung Jinwoo or with your team of hunters. There are 40 floors for both, which will allow you to unlock a myriad of different rewards (again, try to complete the secondary objectives for extra rewards).

Solo Leveling Arise F2P Guide
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