All Solo Leveling Arise Characters

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All Solo Leveling Arise Characters

Solo Leveling Arise is not only a game rich in content (enjoyable even for those who don't want to embrace the gacha structure and pay to get something), but there are also a myriad of different characters that you can obtain during your adventure. There are many Solo Leveling Arise characters, each with their own characteristics and peculiarities, so it is important to know them.

In this article, therefore, we will provide you with a complete list of the characters present in the game. However, be aware that obtaining them is not a simple thing and it is all due to “chance” if you intend to remain a free-to-play player. But let's proceed step by step.

Solo Leveling Character List

Characters in Solo Leveling Arise are divided into ranks, rarities, classes, and elements. For ease, we have decided to divide them based on their rarity, in order to have a more superficial distinction and then go into more detail in each individual description.


  • Silver Mane (Fighter, Dark)
  • Baek Yoonho (Tank, Light)
  • Cha Hae-In (Fighter, Light)
  • Choi Jong-In (Mage, Fire)
  • Emma Laurent (Tank, Fire)
  • Hwang Dongsoo (Fighter, Wind)
  • Lee Bora (Mage, Dark)
  • Lim Tae-Gyu (Ranger, Dark)
  • Min Byung-Gu (Healer, Light)
  • Seo Jiwoo (Tank, Water)
  • Woo Jinchul (Tank, Wind)


  • Anna Ruiz (Ranger, Water)
  • Han Song-Yi (Assassin, Water)
  • Hwang Dongsuk (Tank, Dark)
  • Jo Kyuhwan (Mage, Light)
  • Kang Taeshilk (Assassin, Dark)
  • Kim Chul (Tank, Light)
  • Kim Sangshik (Tank, Wind)
  • Lee Joohee (Healer, Water)
  • Nam Chae-Young (Ranger, Water)
  • Park Beom-Shik (Fighter, Wind)
  • Park Heejin (Mage, Wind)
  • Song Chiyul (Mage, Fire)
  • Yoo Jinho (Tank, Light)

solo leveling arise characters

Silver Mane (Fighter, Dark)

Baek Yoonho (Tank, Light)

He's the leader of the White Tiger Guild and an S-Rank hunter. At first, he helped start the Fiend Guild but later left to create the White Tigers, bringing some members from his old guild. He can turn into a scary Magic Beast using his “Beast Transformation” power.

Cha Hae-In (Fighter, Light)

The 9th best hunter found in South Korea and the second in charge of the Hunters Guild. Before Sung Jinwoo became known, she was the strongest hunter in South Korea. Because she can smell mana, she always carries a handkerchief over her nose. She's amazed to find out that Sung Jinwoo is the only hunter she's met with a nice smell.

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Choi Jong-In (Mage, Fire)

The leader of the Hunters Guild, the top guild in South Korea. Everyone calls him “The Ultimate Hunter.” He's an S-Rank Mage-type hunter who mostly uses Fire Magic. His fire spells can burn a building in the blink of an eye.

Emma Laurent (Tank, Fire)

She's a friendly hero who's ready to help anyone in need. She's happy and bubbly, always cheering everyone up. She's working with Alicia Blanche to figure out what happened during the “Raid Break” event.

Hwang Dongsoo (Fighter, Wind)

He's the 8th best hunter in Korea, an S-Rank. He moved to the United States and joined the Scavenger Guild there. He's really proud of his abilities. He's the brother of Hwang Dongsuk, who's a C-Rank hunter.

Lee Bora (Mage, Dark)

She's an A-Rank mage-type hunter who works with the Hunters Guild. She's really good at summoning things, which makes her stand out even in her top guild. She's a realist, so it's hard for her to understand how she can use magic. But she's dealing with this confusion by studying her powers while she uses them.

Lim Tae-Gyu (Ranger, Dark)

He's the boss and creator of Korea's first guild, the Fiend Guild. While the guild used to be really respected, things changed when Baek Yoonho left and became strong on his own, and then the Hunters took over the guild. He uses Magic Arrows as his main weapons, which are arrows made of powerful magic.

Min Byung-Gu (Healer, Light)

He's the only S-Rank healer in Korea. He stopped working after seeing his closest friends die in a terrible way, which really hurt him inside. But he still has amazing healing skills, and even though he's not focused on fighting, he's as good as an A-Rank hunter in battle. Whenever there's a big event, he feels like coming back to help out.

Seo Jiwoo (Tank, Water)

She's a hunter with outstanding talent, but low self-confidence. She has devoted herself to training so she can better control her powers.

Woo Jinchul (Tank, Wind)

He's the head inspector in the Hunters Association's Surveillance Team. Though he's an A-Rank, he's almost as strong as an S-Rank. He joined the association because he wanted to protect other hunters. He often meets Sung Jinwoo while working as Chairman Go's helper.

Anna Ruiz (Ranger, Water)

She's a B-rank American hunter who fights with poisoned arrows. Because she's a former convict, everyone gives her a wide breath. She participates in raids as a freelancer.

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Han Song-Yi (Assassin, Water)

She's a high school girl who goes to the same school as Sung Jinah, Sung Jinwoo's sister. When she turned 19, she became an E-Rank. Even though she's young and not very high-ranked, she dreams of being a great hunter. She joins any raiding team that will let her come along.

Hwang Dongsuk (Tank, Dark)

He's a C-Rank Tank without a guild who leads his own Strike Squad. He hurts people for his own gain, believing that what goes on in dungeons should stay there.

Jo Kyuhwan (Mage, Light)

He's a C-Rank mage-type hunter who's part of Hwang Dongsuk's Strike Squad. He joined Dongsuk's team because he wanted to find a “surefire way to earn lots of money.”

Kang Taeshilk (Assassin, Dark)

He's a spy with the Korean Hunters Association Surveillance Team. Whenever he's sent out, strange “accidents” occur, and the bad guys he watches end up caught in these accidents and don't make it out alive.

Kim Chul (Tank, Light)

He's an A-Rank Tank in the White Tiger Guild, getting more famous. He believes in himself a lot, but he's not very smart and only cares about surface stuff.

Kim Sangshik (Tank, Wind)

He's a D-Rank hunter who fights magic beasts with his sword skills. His family means everything to him, so he just wants to get back home safe every day. He lives by the motto “Survival comes first before money.”

Lee Joohee (Healer, Water)

She's a shy B-Rank Healer in the Hunters Association. She never planned to be a hunter but agreed because a colleague kept asking. She volunteers for hunting jobs and sticks to easy missions to assist the less experienced hunters.

Nam Chae-Young (Ranger, Water)

She's a cruel hunter. There's a clear difference in her personality between when she's hunting magic beasts and when she's not.

Park Beom-Shik (Fighter, Wind)

Park Heejin (Mage, Wind)

She's a magic-using hunter in the White Tiger Guild. She's really good at staying alive, always picking the best option to survive. Her and Sung Jinwoo were both part of the Red Gate event.

Song Chiyul (Mage, Fire)

He's a C-Rank mage-type hunter. Even though he's good at kendo, he doesn't use a sword much in dungeons because of his magic powers. He lost his family in an accident because the Hunters Association wasn't careful. Now, he's a volunteer hunter who never misses clearing a dungeon he's given.

Yoo Jinho (Tank, Light)

Jinho is the second son of Yoo Myunghan, who runs Yoojin Construction. He became friends with Sung Jinwoo by chance and after going on some missions together. Sung Jinwoo trusts him completely, which is rare.

All Solo Leveling Arise Characters
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