SoD Hunter Best in Slot for Phase 2

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SoD Hunter Best in Slot for Phase 2

Here are the SoD Hunter Best in Slot for Phase 2.

In this guide series, we'll look at your ideal best-in-slot items heading into Phase 2. These guides will be updated before and during Phase 2 to represent the BiS list best as new items are added, discovered and or theory crafted. If you have any issues with the guide or want to help improve it, head to our Contact Us page and send me an email. But please be nice, and remember, it's only a game.

You can find our other class BiS lists below, with links to the pages once those are live. Each page will be for a specific Class, with individual specs lists (such as 3 builds for Paladin 1 for each spec) when that is suitable.

Note: If you are reading this list before Phase 2 launches or within the first week, treat these guides as a “pre-raid bis” as we won't have full information about certain items prior to this period.

SoD Hunter Best in Slot for Phase 2

Stat Priority: Hit Chance > Crit Chance > Agility > Strength (Melee Only) > Attack Power = Ranged Power

Slot BiS Source Alternative Source
Head Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl Leatherworking Marksman's Scopevisor Gnomeregan
Neck Gnomeregan Peace Officer's Torque Gnomeregan
Shoulders Troggslayer Pauldrons Gnomeregan
Cloak (Melee) Dark Hooded Cape

Prototype Parachute Cloak

World Drop


Chest Electromantic Chainmail Gnomeregan
Bracers Experimental Aim Stabilizers Gnomeregan
Gloves Gloves of Holy Might World Drop Fingers of Arcane Accuracy Gnomeregan
Belt Darkvision Girdle Gnomeregan
Legs Electromantic Chausses Gnomeregan
Boots Electromantic Grounding Sabatons Gnomeregan
Ring 1 (Melee) Protector's/Legionnaire's Band

Ring of the Underwood

Warsong Gulch – Honored

World Drop

Ring 2 (Melee) Hybercharged Gear of Devastation

Marsh of Agility


World Drop

Trinket 1 Gyromatic Experiment 420b Gnomeregan
Trinket 2 Tigerblood Talisman Strangleshorn Vale – PvP Event Avenger's Void Pearl BFD
Main Hand (1H) Mekkatorque's Arcano-Shredder

(2H) Mekkatorque's Arcano-Shredder

(Ranged) Mekkatorque's Arcano-Shredder


World Drop

Stranglethorn Vale – PvP Event

(1H)Cogmaster's Claw

(2H) Gyromatic Macro-Adjustor

(Ranged) Thermaplugg's Custom Blaster


Extra Slot Sanguine Ammo Pouch Stranglethorn Vale – PvP Event

Hunter Pre Raid Best in Slot

Slot BiS Source Alternative Source
Head Lordrec Helmet Searing Gorge – “Rise, Obsidion!” Quest Reward Artemis Cowl BFD
Neck Sentinel's/Scout's Medallion Warsong – Honored
Shoulders Wild Leather Shoulders of Agility Leatherworking Imposing Shoulders of Agility World Drop
Cloak Dark Hooded Cape Arathi Highlands – Nimar the Slayer Gryphon Cloak of Agility World Drop
Chest Blazewind Breastplate Badlands – (H) “Broken Alliances”/ (A) “Tremors of the Earth” Quest Reward Brigade Breastplate World Drop
Bracers Forest Stalker's Bracers Warsong – Exalted Imperial Leather Bracers World Drop
Gloves Gloves of Holy Might World Drop Void-Touched Gloves Leatherworking
Belt Defiler's/Highlander's Chain Girdle Arathi Basin – Honored Scorpashi Sash World Drop
Legs Basilisk Hide Pants World Drop Imposing Pants of Agility World Drop
Boots Imposing Boots of Agility World Drop Swampwalker Boots World Drop
Ring 1 Masons Fraternity Ring Zul'Farrak – “Divino-matic Rod” Quest Reward Ring of the Underwood World Drop
Ring 2 Marsh Ring of Agility World Drop Protector's/Legionnaire's Band Warsong – Honored
Trinket 1 Avenger's Void Pearl BFD
Trinket 2 Rune of Duty Warsong – Friendly
Main Hand (R) Bow of searing Arrows

(1H) Vanquisher Sword

Headstriker Sword of Agility

World Drop

RFD – “Bring the End/Light” Quest Reward

World Drop

(R) Shadowforge Bushmaster

(1H) Scout's/Sentinel's Blade

(2H) Monstrous War Axe of Agility

Uldaman – Zone Drop

Warsong – Revered

World Drop


Extra Slot Quickdraw Quiver Leatherworking Thick Leather Ammo Pouch Leatherworking


SoD Hunter Best in Slot for Phase 2
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