Huge Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile Esports Launching

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Huge Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile Esports Launching

Call of Duty Mobile has just had a major new tournament series announced, the Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile. This is a new deal which will bring CoD Mobile esports to one of the biggest mobile esports providers, becoming part of a wider series of pro events. The full slate of competitions is going to see more than $1.5 million in prize money given away.

The whole new schedule for the Snapdragon Pro Series kicks off in April. While it’s only just been announced, we already know quite a bit about how it’s all going to work.

Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile

This week, Activision has signed a new deal for organizing CoD Mobile esports. The mobile version of the shooter franchise will now fall under Snapdragon. There will be regular events run all through the year, making up the Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile.

These esports events will continue the competitive league and community that’s been served so far by the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship. We’ll likely see some familiar names and teams taking part in the Pro Series as those who took part in previous seasons of competitive CoD Mobile.

This new deal for 2 years of Snapdragon Pro series CoD Mobile events is going to cover both amateur and pro players. They’ll be high-level events for the teams that have already proven themselves to be the best in the game. Lower-level competitions will also be added though. This accommodates players who are skilled in the game but still up-and-coming stars for the title. They might get the chance to rise up and take part in bigger tournaments with the more established players.

The new series is going to take CoD Mobile esports to an even more global level. They’ll be running in more than 40 countries.

Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile Launches in April

Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile

The new events from Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile are going to start up on April 27. It begins with an online qualifier where teams from all over the world can get involved. They’ll compete in their regions and try to get qualification for the next stage of competitive CoD Mobile. These Pro Series events replace the entire schedule, instead of things like Mobile Masters.

They’ll then gain qualification into the main event, the Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile Open and Mobile Challenges. These are two new types of competitions. They’re replacing Stages 3 and 4 in the previous CoD Mobile esports layout.

These two initial events are going to have prize pools of over $300,000 for each region. These regional events are just the start of the Pro Series though, we can expect the new system for CoD Mobile esports to continue to grow over the next two years.

The initial tournaments are part of the Snapdragon Pro Series Season 3. They’ll run from April to September. In December, they’ll be Finals for this stage of the event. This is a full LAN. There are 16 team slots up for grabs through the year, and only one will walk away the full champion. There’s a $1,000,000 prize pool for these finals.

Season 4 for the Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile starts in Fall 2023, running through to 2024, before another final crowns the winner in the beginning of 2024.

Snapdragon Mobile Esports

Snapdragon are some of the biggest providers of mobile esports. CoD Mobile is just the latest game to get added to their roster. Currently, they run mobile esports competitions for a lot of the biggest games. They cover titles like Free Fire, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, and Brawl Stars. The Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile tournament is going to be another addition to this tournament.

These events will be running alongside the other Snapdragon Pro Series. Each game they cover run at the same schedule. For mobile esports enthusiasts, it makes it easy to keep track of how when everything is taking place.

This is a new format for CoD Mobile esports, but you can probably expect to see some of the old teams taking part. You’ll have to jump in from next week and see how your favorite fare in the new Snapdragon Pro Series for CoD Mobile.

Huge Snapdragon Pro Series CoD Mobile Esports Launching
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