2021 Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Announced

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2021 Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Announced

Activision announces a $2 million prize pool while revealing details of the tournament.

An amazing opportunity has been announced for Call of Duty fans by Activision. They have officially revealed that they're bringing back the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, presented by Sony, which starts on June 3. A total prize pool of $2 million (USD) has also been announced.

Criteria for participation

Sony’s newest flagship smartphone, Xperia 1 III, will be the official mobile device of the World Championship. The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship will be open to everyone across the world. Players who meet the minimum ranked criteria can participate in the game events and qualify for the regional stages. An official list of all regions will be released soon. Players must attain level 10 or higher to take part in Ranked Multiplayer matches. They can also participate via tournaments, the details of which will be revealed later by Activision. Players must be 18 or more to participate in the tournament at the time of registration. The whole tournament will be broadcasted on the newly made COD Mobile Esports YouTube channel.

Five stages of the tournament

Single play mode will be the first stage of the tournament, where players should score at least 60 points in 10 matches on any of the four weekends. The players that have successfully cleared Stae One will then proceed on to Stage Two, which is team play. At this point, the players will form teams and play in them for the further rounds. Qualifiers are the third stage, where an elimination-style format will be used to cut down the competition. Then, the top scorers will go on to the next round called the Regional Playoffs. This will further carry out the elimination process of the players and only the top players will proceed to the World Championship Finals.