SMITE: Take a closer look at Surtr, SMITE’s newest God!

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SMITE: Take a closer look at Surtr, SMITE’s newest God!

Announced during the Season 9 SMITE World Championship, Surtr will make sure that the Battleground will burn.

There are 123 playable Gods, Deities, Demons and Heroes in Hi-Rez Studios’ and Titan Forge Games’ Action-MOBA SMITE, but number 124 is well on his way. Enduring 10 years of dying and reviving again, the Fire Giant, Surtr had enough, and now he will step out of the jungle in order to take revenge on all of the Pantheons for the years of torture they made him endure.

In a blog post by TitanAjax, the developer has given us some insight into Surtr, his creation and the thoughts of the God Design team at Titan Forge team. Opening the post with a quote from the Prose Edda, giving the perfect tone for the newest playable Character of the game. According to the devs, Surtr was the perfect God to be added for the 10th anniversary of SMITE, as he has always been the part of the Battleground, hiding in plain sight. After a peaceful year in the game’s lore, Surtr will become the villain of SMITE akin to Tiamat and Cthulhu before her.

The creation of Surtr

For his appearance, Titan Forge wanted to play on the fantasy of Surtr bringing Ragnarok forth. His theme incorporates destruction and grave danger, so players will know to proceed with caution when meeting him. While he kept the essence of his looks throughout the years of SMITE, Titan Forge has put a spin on the Fire Giant, now that he’s a playable character instead of a Jungle Monster. However, as there is little to none depictions on either Surtr or his realm, Muspelheim, the team looked to fantasy elements and other pieces of media to bring life to the Giant. The only parts which they could salvage from the miniscule information was his dark – or charred – skin, and his terrifying sword. While the team initially wanted to go off from Odin and Atlas, and differentiate they way into a new character, they ultimately decided to start from the current Fire Giant model, and have Surtr become his own God this way.

The weapons considered for Surtr

The team have done a wonderful job creating him, as he looks just like an evolved Fire Giant, who stayed true to it’s roots, but now that he’s free from the Conquest Jungle, has became a different version of himself. After Surtr became a true manifestation of Ragnarok in the visual sense, he needed a kit of abilities to reflect it. Even before the 10.1 Update Show, Titan Forge has given a few features of Surtr’s gameplay.

Sutr's gameplay features revealed

  • He has a passive that lets him recover health by picking up fragments of himself
  • He has a stacking ability with a high maximum number
  • He will spawn the Fire Imps from previous seasons as Pets
  • Although he is confirmed to be a Physical Warrior, he will have Magic Damage in his kit
  • He will be able to use his surroundings and hurl projectiles at his enemies
  • His Ultimate was revealed during the SMITE World Championship: he will ascend to the skies to crash down as a meteor, as he did in the current Conquest map when he spawned or respawned.
    • This ability will also be his only dash, and will be semi-global – and a spectale to behold.

Surtr standing alongside SMITE Gods Bellona and Maui

Year 10 is already shaping up to be one if SMITE’s best season. With Surtr joining the Battleground of the Gods, he heralds an age of monsters and incredible God designs. Hopefully, the Fire Giant is only the first of many to come, and the other teased Gods – such as Maman Brigitte and Styx will be incredible!

SMITE: Take a closer look at Surtr, SMITE’s newest God!
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