Skull & Bones Open Beta Begins February 8

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Skull & Bones Open Beta Begins February 8

Ten years.

Seven delays.

After a long and ardous voyage, Skull & Bones is finally coming out on February 16. And players will get a chance to experience it early through the Open Beta.

Ubisoft announced earlier today that a Skull & Bones Open Beta will be available from February 8-11. Players can grind up to Infamy Brigand (Tier 6 Rank 1) during the Open Beta period. Cross-play will be available. The Skull & Bones Open Beta does not require a preorder to access and will be freely available to everyone. Your progression in the Open Beta will also transfer over into the live game after it releases on February 16.

Many gamers have grown concerned over the years about Skull & Bones due to all of the delays. This Open Beta is the perfect opportunity to see if Skull & Bones is a game you'll want to play in 2024.

Scheduled for a February 16 release, those who preorder the Premium Edition or subscribe to Ubisoft+ will be able to play three days in advance,

Skull & Bones Open Beta Begins February 8
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