Skull And Bones Grave News Mission Guide

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Skull And Bones Grave News Mission Guide

Stuck in the mission? Look no further cause this is a Skull and Bones Grave News mission guide

Ubisoft’s groundbreaking entry in the Assassin’s Creed series was one that influenced many companies and gaming industries. Titled as the fourth Assassin’s Creed game, Black Flag came out in 2013 and set sparks in the trail of gaming history, introducing new mechanics and gameplay elements like naval battles and a massive sea that you’re free to explore.

This naval combat system was such a hit that Ubisoft themselves decided to follow up on it. Fast forward to 2024 and now we have Skull and Bones, an entire game dedicated to naval combat, except you can play this with your friends as well, making it even more interactive and accessible for everyone.

Set during the 17th century in East Africa and Southeast Asia, Skull and Bones has a lot of objectives and missions you can complete, both with your friends or by yourselves. Either way, there’s some missions that might get you and your pirate friends stuck, with one of those missions being ‘Grave News’. That’s why we’re here to discuss how to get through this mission and what the rewards are. Let’s get to it.

Grave News – Unlocking the quest

Skull And Bones Grave News Mission Guide

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Grave News counts as an investigative mission, which basically have you following a set of clues that will help you find a treasure or secret location. They’re fun little quests that really fall in the theme of 17th century piracy for loot plundering or treasure hunting. However, there’s not exactly any clear objectives or map markers that you can follow, which makes these quests a bit hard, especially for new players.

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The first step is to find the random bottle that includes the message for this quest. The location of this bottle is randomized, but it seems to appear more prominently at Laar, which is an island which resides just south of Telok Penjarah. The only way to retrieve the bottle is aimlessly roaming the open sea till you get the prompt for picking up the bottle.

Considering how hard it is to get the bottle in general, it’s advised to take a few rounds along the coast until you find the message. Once you find the item, go to your inventory and interact with it to start the quest.

Completing the quest – Plunder Fort Premie

Skull And Bones Grave News Mission Guide

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The message will indicate that you’ll need to finish two objectives, the first of which is plundering Fort Premie. You’ll find the fort in the southern part of the East Indies, south of Telok Penjarah. Starting the plunder itself is pretty easy, you’ll just have to sail beside Fort Premie, giving you the option to interact and initiate the plunder.

It’s taking on the fort which is the actual challenge, and you’ll need to take down all the watchtowers and also keep the area clear of Dutch ships. Doing these objectives with your friends can help make the task easier, as they’re pretty difficult to handle in general. After plundering, you’ll find your next clue when you loot the treasure chest.

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The Last Step – Carel’s Belongings

Skull And Bones Grave News Mission Guide

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For the last step, you’ll have to head to the Necropolis and obtain Carel’s Belongings. The Necropolis is a port which you’ll find in the Naga Coast of the East Indies. There can be enemies in the vicinity, but you won’t be in trouble inside the Necropolis. Once inside the port, go up the staircase in front of you, and you’ll find the treasure chest at the top.

Doing so will finish the quest and will grant you the rewards: 300 Infamy and a Rugged Chest with randomized loot for yours to claim.

That concludes our guide for the investigative mission Grave News in Skull and Bones. We hope this provided some guidance if you were stuck in the mission or didn’t know where to look for the clues. For more articles on our site related to Skull and Bones, check out our silver farming guide or vengeful essence location guide.

Skull And Bones Grave News Mission Guide
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