Skull and Bones Vengeful Essence: How to Get it

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Skull and Bones Vengeful Essence: How to Get it

In Skull and Bones, not only is combat between ships important, but also exploration, so that you can find the resources you need to create new weapons and pieces of equipment. An example is the Skull and Bones Vengeful Essence, a resource that will surely be very useful to you during your adventure in the game. Since this resource is not very easy to obtain, in this guide, we explain step by step everything you need to do.

How to Get Skull and Bones Vengeful Essence

Defeating the Rode Maangodin ghost ship can earn you the valuable Vengeful Essence among other rewards. With this item, you gain access to purchasing chests, unique cosmetics, and even the coveted Blue Specter weapon blueprint. For those unfamiliar, the Rode Maangodin ghost ship stands as a formidable World Boss situated southeast of Port l'Hermine. Armed with unearthly weaponry capable of significant damage, it possesses vulnerable spots along its broadsides and stern, akin to other adversaries.

Skull and Bones Vengeful Essence

To confront this formidable foe, ensure completion of the Oceans Apart side contract from the enigmatic Mysterious Rogue within The Oubliette. Keep in mind that this quest only becomes available once you hit Ship Rank 5, necessitating diligent efforts to gather various items and blueprints to fortify your vessel beforehand. However, the effort is more than compensated with this resource that will come in handy to get different things in Skull and Bones.

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After beating the Rode Maangodin ghost ship, head to the Mysterious Rogue vendor at Oubliette Outpost to collect your rewards. This person lets you trade your Vengeful Essences for stuff like chests, special looks, and weapon plans. Here are all the items you can get:

  • Mysterious Chest: 50 Vengeful Essence
  • Hessel's Torment: 15 Vengeful Essence
  • Hessel's Pride: 20 Vengeful Essence
  • Hessel's Treasure: 10 Vengeful Essence
  • Blue Specter: 50 Vengeful Essence
Skull and Bones Vengeful Essence: How to Get it
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