Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired Glitch Explained

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Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired Glitch Explained

Skull and Bones has just been released and there are some users who are experiencing some issues and glitches, such as the Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired glitch. If you are one of those unfortunate users, you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain what it is and what you need to do to resolve it. Don't worry, it won't be difficult and you won't have to go through who knows what complicated procedures to do it.

What is the Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired Glitch?

At the moment, there is not much information about it and we do not know exactly why this problem arises or what exactly it is linked to. We can tell you that it is something linked to an organization (Helm) that you will encounter when you continue in the game. In fact, if you decide to take actions that go against this organization, your ship will become Death Marked, meaning the ships will be hostile and will start hunting you.

However, at least at the moment, this bounty hunting system is buggy and many players are receiving the notification that their ship is Death Marked even without doing anything in particular, or even without ever having encountered this organization. There have been no official statements from the developers, but it is very likely that they are already working to resolve the problem, so that a patch can be released as soon as possible.

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Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired

How to Fix Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired Glitch

Now that you know, in broad terms, what the Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired glitch is, the time has come to go to the heart of the matter and explain how to resolve it. At the moment, there are two fixes that you can use to get around this issue and it seems that at least one of them is working to solve the problem, at least temporarily. Let's see together what it is.

Reload the Game

The first thing you can do is simply reload Skull and Bones. It may seem like a trivial thing, but most of the time, it is the solution that works and allows you to solve this annoying glitch. In terms of gameplay, it doesn't seem to interfere much, but playing with a constant notification on the screen can be debilitating, so it's important to find a solution to eliminate it. You can decide to close and restart the game at any time. Since Skull and Bones is always an online game, it saves constantly, so you don't have to be afraid of losing progress.

Talk to an NPC

The second option you have is to talk to one of the NPCs that are scattered around the game map. It is not clear why talking to a character solves this problem, at least for the time being, but many users have reported that they have managed to circumvent the problem in this way. Consequently, if reloading the game didn't work, you can always opt for this other solution. Obviously, the best option is for Ubisoft to release a patch to fix the problem once and for all. In the event of any updates on this front, we will waste no time updating you.

Skull and Bones Death Mark Expired Glitch Explained
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