Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date Has Been Revealed?

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Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date Has Been Revealed?

Silent Hill 2 Remake immediately made headlines after its announcement. Many expected his presence at the Summer Game Fest, but Konami has not decided to spill the beans and we have not received any new official information about it. Apparently, however, it would appear that an Australian retailer has unintentionally revealed the launch date of the game which seems to be closer than one might have imagined.

Silent Hill 2 Remake release date

Silent Hill 2 Remake was announced in October 2022 and not a lot of information about this project has been released since then. The alleged release date indicated by the seller GorillaGaming, set for September 29, 2023, would indicate the fact that the game is ready to be launched on the market just under a year after its official announcement but, at least at the moment, we cannot assume what emerged on the net is true as it is only a simple rumor and not a piece of official news announced by the developers themselves. For this reason, we invite you to take what is reported with a grain of salt as it could be an error or a simple placeholder placed by the seller for the creation of the page dedicated to the game.

silent hill 2 remake release date

Silent Hill 2 Remake, what we know so far

In case you missed any information during these months, here we have decided to enclose everything we know up to now. Silent Hill 2 Remake will initially land on PlayStation 5 and PC, and then also arrive on Xbox Series X | S at a later time. The exclusivity will be valid for twelve months, but it is likely that the game will take longer before landing on Microsoft consoles, but at the moment there is no information about it.

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We remind you that Silent Hill 2 is in the works with the use of the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine and the development team has announced that it is trying to do the best possible job to remain as faithful as possible to the original work. Obviously, since this is a remake, there will also be improvements and modernizations to keep the game in step with modern times. Among these, one of the features that most captured the attention of users is the use of the third-person camera behind the protagonist's back, unlike the fixed one used in the original game.

silent hill 2 remake

Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date Has Been Revealed?
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