Shroud Unveils New Branding In Monumental Return to Twitch

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Shroud Unveils New Branding In Monumental Return to Twitch

Former Mixer streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek announced in a Twitter video that he is returning to Twitch following the closure of Mixer.

In June, Microsoft made the decision to shut down its streaming service Mixer. Mixer was set to rival Twitch and acquired top-tier talents such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm, and Shroud. Ninja signed a rumored $30 million contract with Mixer back in August but has since experimented with both Youtube and Twitch. The goal was to accrue a superstar roster of streamers and gamers, but it was not enough for the platform to grow. There are questions as to where shroud would go now that the platform has merged with Facebook Gaming. The former Counter-Strike player was the fifth-highest earning gamer in 2019, in part to a contract he signed back in August to exclusively stream on the now-dead platform.

Fans learned today in a Twitter video that shroud would be returning to Twitch to stream along with new branding and logo. Theories were crafted that shroud might join former streaming god Dr. Disrespect on Youtube, but instead, the human aimbot has decided to return home. Shroud has over 6.4 million subscribers on Youtube which could have led to a successful next-step in his streaming career, but for many Twitch is home. There was more than likely a multimillion-dollar contract involved, but so far, the details on shroud's contract have remained under wraps. Twitch has had a more consistent track record than alternative streaming platforms. Shroud's first stream will be on August 12 at 11 PST on his Twitch channel, which surprisingly still has 7.1 million followers.

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