Should You Get Bryon In AFK Journey? Skills, Stats & More

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Should You Get Bryon In AFK Journey? Skills, Stats & More

Can’t decide how to spend your Invite Letters? Take a look if you should get Bryon as we discuss his skills, stats & more.

AFK Journey is the latest sensation in the mobile-gaming genre (and PC gaming too!) thanks to its beautiful art-style and chillaxing gameplay, taking inspiration from other famous gacha games like Genshin Impact or Honkai: Star Rail. 

AFK Journey features its own unique and eccentric roster of characters, each of whom you can obtain with the game’s ‘pulling’ system. Today, we will be looking at how you can obtain one of these characters who goes by the name of Bryon and looking at everything he offers so that you can decide if you want him on your team or not.

How To Get Bryon In AFK Journey

Should You Get Bryon In AFK Journey? Skills, Stats & More

Noble Tavern

Bryon can be obtained from the Recruitment Banners available in AFK Journey as long as you spend Invite Letters or Epic Invite Letters in the Noble Tavern. Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to keep him in your wishlist in order to obtain him.

These are the banners in which you can obtain Bryon:

  • Rate Up Recruitment – Only if Bryon is featured as a Rate Up Hero.
  • All Hero Recruitment 
  • Epic Recruitment

All-Hero Login Event

Bryon can also be obtained if you participate in the All-Hero Login Event. Being an Epic Hero, you’ll have to log in to the game on seven consecutive days in order to flip a card which will have 1 confirmed Epic/Celestial/Hypogean Hero. You’re not guaranteed to get Bryon but it’s definitely worth a shot, especially since the game is in its early stage and there’s not many characters available.

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Arena Store

Should You Get Bryon In AFK Journey? Skills, Stats & More

You can also obtain up to 2 copies of Bryon every month from the Arena Store for 9,600 Arena Coins.

Soulstones (S-Level)

Lastly, you can get Bryon by spending 60 S-Level Soulstones. Again, you might get a completely different hero if you do this, but it’s always worth a shot.

Overview of Bryon in AFK Journey

Should You Get Bryon In AFK Journey? Skills, Stats & More

  • Rarity: S-Level.
  • Class: Marksman.
  • Faction: Wilder.
  • Damage Type: Magical.

Bryon’s Skills

    • Tacit Strike: Summon 4 magical leaves that deal 360% damage, each leaf dealing 90% damage. .
  • Level 2: Each leaf deals 93% damage.
  • Level 3: Each leaf deals 96% damage.
  • Level 4: Each leaf deals 100% damage.

  • Shadow Flash: Bryon absorbs 50 Energy from his target and his normal attacks and skills deal damage twice. While active, he’ll do 190% damage twice. 
  • Level 2: Kara’s next normal attack will also do thunderbolts, dealing damage equal to 10% of the enemy’s hp and interrupting their attacks. 
  • Level 3: Damage dealt increased by 195%.
  • Level 4: Damage dealt increased by 200%.

  • Hero Focus: Increases Haste by 10 during battle. He gains an extra 3 Haste if Elona is on the battlefield.
  • Level 2: Haste increases to 13 during battle, and an extra 4 with Elona’s presence.
  • Level 3: Haste increases to 17 during battle, and an extra 5 with Elona’s presence.

  • Spiritual Companion (EX. Skill): Elona deals 350% damage to the enemy and stuns them for 3s when Bryon is being controlled or receives damage equal to 15% of his HP in a single hit. This effect only takes place once every 20s and can only occur if Elona is on the battlefield. 
  • Level 2: When Bryon takes a fatal blow, Elona consumes all energy to block the fatal blow and restore 200% of Bryon’s ATK as his HP. For the next 5s, Bryon can’t be targeted by the enemy and he’ll restore 40% HP per second. 
  • Level 3: Elona’s counter attack damage increased to 400%.
  • Level 4: Elona’s counter attack damage increased to 450%.
Die by the Blade Tips and Tricks

  • Enhance Force: Summons two leaves beside Elona if the falcon is on the battlefield while Tacit Strike is being cast.

  • Falcon Raid (Ultimate): Consume 300 energy to summon Elona and deal 320% to Bryon’s current target. Elona will remain on the battlefield, consuming energy over time. Once the energy runs out, she’ll leave the battlefield. Elona’s normal attack deals 90% of Bryon’s ATK.

Should You Get Bryon in AFK Journey?

Of course, now it begs the question: should you get Bryon for your team? Well, the answer depends entirely on your preference and the types of characters you like playing in AFK Journey. Bryon is a magic-dealing long range attacker, so if you think his playstyle suits yours, then it’s definitely worth investing some pulls into him.

That’s all we have for this article, and if you would like to check out more content related to AFK Journey on ESTNN, then be sure to check out this Chest location guide or this Necrodrakon Boss Fight Guide.

Should You Get Bryon In AFK Journey? Skills, Stats & More
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