AFK Journey Necrodrakon Boss Fight Guide

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AFK Journey Necrodrakon Boss Fight Guide

In AFK Journey, you will have the chance to face different bosses during your adventure. One of them is the AFK Journey Necrodrakon. This boss may not be easy to face if you don't use the right strategy and the right characters, and that's why we're coming to your aid.

In this article, therefore, we will give you some useful advice on how this boss fight is structured and which characters you should rely on to make this challenge easier. If you are in difficulty and don't know how to defeat this boss, you are in the right place.

AFK Journey Necrodrakon Overview

The first thing you need to know is that the boss will pick the player’s closest team member as the tank and will start by hitting them, but will change to another team member if the tank moves too far away. After that, in between hits, Necrodrakon will put a “Crest” on each friend. This crest is like a bomb that will explode if the friend doesn’t move for 15 seconds, causing a lot of damage and making it harder for them to fight and gain energy.

Necrodrakon will also attack a group of heroes in one area with his Area Denial Attack, so you must watch out for this attack as well. Besides these, Necrodrakon will also do a big AOE attack that hurts all the heroes, three times during the fight. The last thing Necrodrakon does is an attack from far away that stops the two healthiest heroes, which usually includes your healer.

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AFK Journey Necrodrakon

How to Beat Necrodrakon in AFK Journey

In the previous paragraph we described the main attacks of this AFK Journey boss, but now we go into more detail on the matter to give you some advice on how to stay alive for as long as possible. Obviously, a lot depends on the composition of your team, but we'll talk about this later.

Since this boss will start attacking the tank closest to you, a useful strategy you can use is to always be on the move, so that the boss doesn't just focus on one character, but combos I continue his goal. This will allow all the characters to breathe in turn.

Given the attacks that are present in the AFK Journey Necrodrakon's arsenal, the advice to always be on the move is actually practically always valid. All of this boss's attacks, in fact, are easily avoidable if you continuously move around the battlefield. Staying in one place is definitely an unwise choice to make in this case.

Characters and Teams

Some characters are better choices than others to have on your team for this battle, so let's find out which ones they are. We will split the characters into groups to make it easier to look at them.


  • Temesia


  • Reiner
  • Kruger
  • Thoran


  • Shakir

DPS Carry

  • Marilee
AFK Journey Necrodrakon Boss Fight Guide
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