Shaman Runes – WoW Season of Discovery

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Shaman Runes – WoW Season of Discovery

We explain Shaman Runes in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

The WoW Season of Discovery is upon us and we tell you everything you need to know about Shaman Runes right here.

Shaman SoD Phase 2 Runes Update

Season of Discovery phase 2 will introduce new runes and new rune slots for the Shaman class. Starting February 8, Shaman players will be able to engrave boots and belts with SoD runes. Here's the complete list of the Shaman SoD phase 2 runes !

  • Ancestral Awakening
  • Decoy Totem
  • Fire Nova
  • Maelstrom Weapon
  • Power Surge
  • Spirit of the Alpha
  • Two-Handed Mastery

SoD Shaman Rune Locations

How to Get Ancestral Awakening Rune in Season of Discovery

The Ancestral Awakening spell notes can be found by starting a questline at Desolace.

  1. Travel to Desolace and go northwest of Kodo Graveyard until you find an Extinguished Campfire (47, 54). Start the “Highway Robbery” quest.
  2. Head to Kormek's Hut (63, 39) to find Bibbly F'utzbuckle. Finish the quest and start “On the Lam”.
  3. Find the inn at Booty Bay and speak to Tokal. Finish the quest and start “Cherry for Your Thoughts?”.
  4. Buy her Cherry Grog and start the “No Honor Among Thieves” quest.
  5. Travel to Arathi Highlands and board a boat that will take you east of the region (52, 91).
  6. Look for Illari Duskfeather. Defeat her and loot “Illari's Key” to get the Ancestral Awakening rune from her chest. Dark Elves get a dialogue option to peacefully obtain Illari's key.

How to Find Ancestral Guidance in Season of Discovery

  • Orc/Troll: Head south of Valley of Trials to find Kolkar Crag and find a tree hiding a corpse of an adventurer NPC on the ground behind it. Channel the corpse to discover Ancestor's Guidance rune.
  • Tauren: Travel through the Venture Co. Mine to find an overlook at Mulgore at  (60, 63). There you'll find a corpse. Speak to the corpse to start a ritual that will conjure a portal. Click on the portal to find the rune.

How to Get Decoy Totem Rune in Season of Discovery

Travel to Thousand Needles and do the following:

  1. Farm 3x Cloud Serpent Fang from Cloud Serpents.
  2. Farm 10x Strong Harpy Feather from Harpies.
  3. Buy x1 Silken Thread from nearby vendors.
  4. Head to the “Alter of the Wind Spirit” behind the hut (39, 43).
  5. Construct an “Offering to the Wind Spirit” using the feathers and the fangs.
  6. Present your offering to the statue (do not cancel the channel!) to get the Slow Fall buff.
  7. Jump off of the ledge as a “show of faith”. You'll receive the Decoy Totem rune upon landing.

How to Find Dual Wield Specialization in Season of Discovery

Travel to Ratchet and buy it from Grizzby, who will only offer the Rune after you complete 3 of his pre-quests, namely:

  1. Shredder Turbochargers
  2. Dark Iron Ordinance
  3. Fish Oil

How to Find Earth Shield in Season of Discovery

  1. Kill the first boss of Blackfathom Deeps and take its special orb drop
  2. Go to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale and take on the new Elemental Distress Shaman quest
  3. Defeat elementals found in Ashenvale and Charred Vale for the quest motes
  4. Obtain an Elixir of Wisdom and Elixir of Water Breathing to get an Elixir of Insight
  5. Go to the Southern Barrens and defeat Hirzek

How to Get Fire Nova Rune in Season of Discovery

  1. Travel to Desolace and kill Flameseer Dubelen (56, 21).
  2. Teleport to Orgrimmar and talk to Zor Lonetree (38, 38).
  3. Go back to Desolace and head to the Mauradon entrance to find two Tear of Theredas. Can be found at the Purple Wing (27, 57) and the Orange Wing (39, 56).
  4. Speak with Zor, who will direct you to Arch Druid Hamuul at Thunder Bluff (78.7, 28.5).
  5. Talk to Tal at the Thunder Bluff truway.
  6. Travel to Moonglade and search for Keeper Remulos (36, 41) who will give you the Elemental Salve.
  7. Find the Corrupted Fire Totem (55, 64) and cleanse it with the salve to receive the Brimstone Icon.
  8. Equip the icon and hit 25 enemies with Rockbiter Weapon.
  9. Right-click on the icon to receive the Fire Nova Rune.
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How to Find Healing Rain in Season of Discovery

Purchase for 4 gold 50 silver when you hit honored with the new Supply Factions ( Go to the Durotar Supply and Logistics Guide if you're playing for the Horde, and Azeroth Commerce Authority for Alliance players)

How to Find Lava Burst in Season of Discovery

  1. Go to the eastern Hillsbrad Foothills and defeat the Mudsnout Shaman for its Kajaric Icon drop.
  2. Take damage from lava 5 times to get “Inspired”
  3. Use the Kajaric Icon from your equipped items to teach yourself the “Engrave Gloves – Lava Burst” skill.

How to Find Lava Lash in Season of Discovery

Travel to the Lower Rise of Thunder Bluff. Find Boarton Shadetoten behind the Bag Vendor and complete his “Stalk With the Earthmother” quest chain.

  1. Find the Seaforium Mining Charges in Venture Co.
  2. Grab the Collect Pinecone spell from Harpies
  3. Fillet a Raw Brilliant Smallfish

How to Get Maelstrom Weapon Rune in Season of Discovery

Prerequisite: Level 40

  1. Travel to The Barrens and head south to Razorfen Kraul.
  2. Defeat Charlga Razorflank to receive a Scroll (usable at level 30)
  3. Teleport to Thousand Needles and head to Freewind Post to give the scroll to Rau Cliffrunner.
  4. Reach Tarren Mill to the north and /pray in front of Bath'rah the Windwatcher (80, 67) before speaking to them.
  5. Travel to Desolace and farm Wind Elementals for 10 Wind Orbs.
  6. Travel to Dustwallow Marsh and farm Water Elementals for 10 Water Orbs.
  7. Travel to Bad Lands and head east from Kargath. Farm the nearby Earth Elementals for 10 Earth Orbs.
  8. Return to Bath'rah with a Crystal Vial.
  9. Give the filled vial to Rau.
  10. Drink the vial's contents and go back to Freewind Post to speak to the Flight Master.
  11. Defeat the Closest Caster before killing the Elite Water Elemental and looting its eye (avoid “Spirit Resurrecting” if you die here).
  12. Talk to Bath'rah to receive the Maelstrom Weapon rune.

How to Find Molten Blast in Season of Discovery

  • Mulgore: Go to the Bael'Dun Digsite southwest of Thunder Bluff. There you'll find an Artifact Storage chest. Loot a few Artifact Storage Keys off of a bunch of Dwarves nearby to collect the Sulferous Icon inside. To learn the rune, you'll need to equip Sulferous Icon and defeat 10 enemies with Earth Shock.
  • Durotar: Find a small hut east of Razor Hill. Inside you'll find a Frozen Makrura trapped in ice. Use Fire spells to stack a debuff five times. Then, loot Sulferous Icon. To learn the rune, you'll need to equip Sulferous Icon and defeat 10 enemies with Earth Shock.

How to Find Overload in Season of Discovery

  • Orc/Troll:
    1. Accept Icons of Power / Icons of Power from Shikrik when you hit Level 2
    2. Farm a Dyadic Icon off of Scorpid Workers. Equip the Dyadic Icon.
    3. Take Nature damage 10 times (eg. Scorpid Worker attacks, Lightning Bolt, Serpent Sting etc.) to get “Inspired”
    4. Use the Dyadic Icon from your equipped items
    5. Finish the quest with Shikrik
  • Tauren:
    1. Accept Icons of Power from Meela Dawnstrider
    2. Farm a Dyadic Icon off of Bristleback Shamans. Equip the Dyadic Icon.
    3. Take Nature damage 10 times (eg. Scorpid Worker attacks, Lightning Bolt, Serpent Sting etc.) to get “Inspired”
    4. Use the Dyadic Icon from your equipped items
    5. Finish the quest with Meela

How to Get Power Surge Rune in Season of Discovery

Prerequisite: Level 40

Travel to the Arathi Highlands and defeat Boulderfist Ogres around (34, 43) until they drop an Ogre Lightning Rod. Take the rod and plant it in Soft Soil at the mountain's peak. From there, hit the lightning rod with Lightning Bolt ten times to summon Tam'kar, a level 37 Elite mob. Defeat Tam'kar to obtain the Power Surge rune.

How to Find Shamanistic Rage in Season of Discovery

  • All races: Kill the Primordial Anomaly, an elite elemental found near the entrance to Desolace south of the Charred Vale.

How to Find Shield Mastery in Season of Discovery

  • Orc/Troll: Travel to (54,56), (64,69) or (64,56) to find a Galvanic Icon at the border of Mulgore. Afterwards, kill 10 enemies with Lightning Bolt.
  • Tauren: Travel to (52.07,62.5) or (51.7,56.4) to find a Galvanic Icon in Durotar. Afterwards, kill 10 enemies with Lightning Bolt.

How to Get Spirit of the Alpha Rune in Season of Discovery

Travel to Thousand Needles and find a Weathered Cache atop a mushroom shaped rock in Freewind Post (46, 53). Looting the cache gives you the Spirit of the Alpha rune.

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How to Get Two-Handed Mastery in Season of Discovery

Prerequisite: Level 40

Head to Deadwin Pass and enter Ariden's Camp (52, 35) and speak with the Dalaran Agent to receive Ariden's Sigil. Use the sigil to detect and reveal seven Dark Riders across Azeroth.

  1. Arathi Highlands (23, 47)
  2. Badlands (57, 55)
  3. Deadwind Pass (43, 28)
  4. Desolace (64, 24)
  5. Duskwood (23, 46)
  6. Swamp of Sorrows around (68, 27)
  7. The Barrens (52, 37)

Kill the Dark Riders to acquire their Dalaran Relics. Afterwards, return to the Dalaran Agent and turn in all 7 relics for the Two-Handed Mastery rune.

How to Find Water Shield in Season of Discovery

The Water Shield rune may be found in either The Barrens or Silverpine Forest. Afterwards, you'll need to hit 10 non-player enemies with Nature, Frost and Fire elements to receive the rune.

  • The Barrens: Farm Kolkar Booty Key off of Kolkar centaurs and open Kolkar's Booty chests to get the rune.
  • Silverpine Forest: Descend into the Deep Elem Mine and defeat Grimson the Pale to loot it off of his body.

Shaman Runes

SoD Shaman Runes Phase 1


  • Dual Wield Specialization – The chance to hit with spells and melee attacks at the same time increases by 5% and Stormstrike now hits with both weapons.
  • Shield Mastery – Blocking regenerates mana by 4% of your maximum mana and you gain 30% armor equal to your shield armor value. Block values also increase.
  • Overload – Lighting Bolt, Chain Lightning, Chain Heal, Healing Wave, and Lava Burst have a 33% chance to cast a second spell at the same target with no cost but 50% of the damage or healing.
  • Healing Rain – Heals all party members within 15 yards.


  • Ancestral Guidance – 25% of your damage is turned into healing for up to 3 nearby party members. 100% of healing is turned into damage with your Flame Shock target.
  • Earth Shield – Targets will be protected by a shield that reduces casting time lost by damage by 30% and instead heals shielded targets in 3 charges. Can only be placed on one target at a time.
  • Way of Earth – With Rockbiter Weapon as your main weapon threat gain, health, and defense are buffed significantly. Earth Shock will now also taunt targets and has a cooldown separate from other Shock spells.
  • Shamanistic Rage – Reduces damage taken by 20% and increases mana regeneration by 15% for 15 seconds. Attack power is increased by 10% or healing power by 6% depending on which value is higher.


  • Water Shield – Surrounds the caster with 3 globes, search regenerating 1% of mana per 5 seconds.  Whenever the caster is hit, 4% of mana will be restored. Lasts 10 minutes. Only one globe will be activated every few seconds.
  • Lava Burst – Deals massive Fire damage. If Flame Shock is applied to the target, this skill will deal critical damage.
  • Lava Last – The Off-hand weapon will be charged with lava, increasing damage by 20% if the weapon is enchanted with Flametongue.
  • Molten Blast – Deals Fire damage in a cone in front of you and generates threat. Flame Shocks periodic damage as a 10% chance to reset Molten Blast's cooldown.

SoD Shaman Runes Phase 2


  • Two-Handed Mastery – Striking an enemy with a two-handed weapon gives you 30% attack speed on two-handed weapons for 10 seconds.


  • Fire Nova – replaces the “Fire Nova Totem” spell; now deals AOE damage where you cast it.
  • Maelstrom Weapon – melee strikes can reduce cast times of Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Lesser Healing Wave, Healing Wave, Chain Heal and Lava Burst spell by 20% for 30 seconds. Stacks 5 times.
  • Power Surge – When Flame Shock deals damage, get a 5% chance to reset the cooldown on Lava Burst, Chain Lightning. You also get a 5% chance to instantly cast your next Lava Burst, Chain Lightning and Chain Heal within 10s.


  • Ancestral Awakening – critting with Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave summons a spirit that heals the weakest ally in 40 yards with an additional 30% of the healed amount.
  • Decoy Totem – a decoy with 5 HP is summoned near the target for 10 seconds, redirecting the next attack onto itself. The totem also makes the target immune to all movement impairment effects.
  • Spirit of the Alpha – target's generated Threat is increased by 45% for 30 minutes.

And that's all we got on Shamans and their Runes in Season of Discovery, for more on Classic+ check out our dedicated Rune explainer here, and for more guides and news on World of Warcraft keep an eye on ESTNN

Shaman Runes – WoW Season of Discovery
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