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Matt is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University. He appreciates all esports titles but primarily focuses on Fortnite and Call of Duty. Matt continuously analyzes gameplay and plays the games himself to better understand in-game decisions by the best players in the world.


Septemeber 4th Fortnite Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results

Fortnite Clash Cup Solos Results and Info
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ESTNN's Matt Pryor takes fans through the regional competition of September 4th's Fortnite Solos Clash Cup.

The September 4th iteration of the Fortnite Solos Cash Cup provided another opportunity for high elimination performances. With fifteen matches to work with, high-level players are wise to push for eliminations and obtain placement points when convenient. All regions participated and some well-known and lesser-known players topped the leaderboards. ESTNN has compiled a list of the top five finishers in every competing region.

September 4th Fortnite Solos Cash Cup Results

NA East

The Solos Cash Cup for NA East resulted in lesser-known players taking the top five money spots. Clean tigers finished in first with 113 points, which spawned from three Victory Royales and sixty-two eliminations. This was quite an impressive performance over fourteen matches. Only one point separated second and third place. Nösh and Featured respectively earned 112 and 111 points, ultimately finishing just behind clean tigers. Nösh impressed with sixty-nine total eliminations.


clean tigers

$1,50014 matches113 points62 eliminations3 Victory Royales


$1,00015 matches112 points69 eliminations1 Victory Royales


$75014 matches111 points46 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$50012 matches105 points46 eliminations2 Victory Royales

神 vyx

$25012 matches103 points41 eliminations3 Victory Royales


NA West

The top of the NA West leaderboard includes usual suspects like FLY Edgey, TL Cented and Bloom Falconer. These three players are perennial contenders for all NA West competitions. The point differential between the three was not significant by any means. FLY Edgey finished ultimately in second place with four Victory Royales and fifty-one eliminations. The winner of the NA West Solos Cash Cup was Jucybtw. He amassed sixty eliminations and three Victory Royales en route to a 121 point performance, claiming the top prize of $750 USD.



$75013 matches121 points60 eliminations3 Victory Royales

FLY Edgey

$45014 matches116 points51 eliminations4 Victory Royales

TL Cented

$35015 matches116 points53 eliminations3 Victory Royales

Bloom Falconer

$25015 matches114 points69 eliminations1 Victory Royale

1400 Rhux UwU

$20012 matches105 points41 eliminations4 Victory Royale



First place this week for the European Solos Cash Cup went to Kiryache32. His statistics include sixty-four eliminations and three Victory Royales. The prize for first place was $2.5K USD, and Kiryache32 finished with 122 points, just one ahead of second place. Co-World Champion, COOLER aqua, finished in second place. His run of fourteen matches produced fifty-six eliminations, four Victory Royales and 121 points. Aqua continues to prove his skill at the highest level and against a wide range of players.



$2,50014 matches122 points64 eliminations3 Victory Royales


$2,00014 matches121 points56 eliminations4 Victory Royales

chapix 74

$1,25013 matches119 points57 eliminations3 Victory Royales


$75015 matches104 points45 eliminations4 Victory Royales


$50012 matches104 points56 eliminations1 Victory Royales



The Brazil region produced a runaway victory for тzuyυ. He completed thirteen matches, which includes sixty-five eliminations and four Victory Royales. It was quite a dominant performance from the Brazilian player as he finished a whopping seventeen points ahead of second. Jpsk1ng managed a similar performance, but, interestingly, played three fewer matches than тzuyυ. This tournament could very well have gone either way should jpsk1ng been able to play out a few of his remaining matches.



$75013 matches138 points65 eliminations4 Victory Royales


$45010 matches121 points63 eliminations4 Victory Royales

TLS cadu

$35015 matches116 points48 eliminations3 Victory Royales

9z Leobas

$25014 matches115 points54 eliminations2 Victory Royale


$20015 matches110 points52 eliminations4 Victory Royales



It took only ten matches, bit fa1zzy took first place in the Solos Cash Cup for the Asia region. He managed 117 points to the tune of sixty eliminations and four Victory Royales. Quite an impressive performance for fa1zzy as he finished one point ahead of second place. T1 Peterpan took home second place whilst putting up fifty-seven eliminations and three Victory Royales. Overall this was a solid overall performance at the top for Asia.


$40010 matches117 points60 eliminations4 Victory Royales

T1 Peterpan

$20014 matches116 points57 eliminations3 Victory Royales

CR Ruri

$20013 matches114 points47 eliminations3 Victory Royales


$20015 matches114 points70 eliminations1 Victory Royale


$014 matches111 points53 eliminations3 Victory Royales


Middle East

The Middle East region features similar performances amongst all top five finishers. Just four points separated first and second place. I_Frrooss13 finished in first place with sixty-five eliminations and two Victory Royales. Just behind first was ASMR Spy, who managed 123 points over just twelve matches. He matched first place with sixty-five eliminations on his own, but feel just a few placement points short.



$40014 matches127 points65 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$20012 matches123 points65 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$20015 matches122 points63 eliminations1 Victory Royale


$20015 matches120 points51 eliminations4 Victory Royales


$015 matches112 points55 eliminations3 Victory Royale



The winner out of the Oceania region was forbuk. With eighty eliminations and 139 points, forbuk completely slayed during his fourteen matches. In second place is the recognizable name of mrfreshasian. The World Cup finalist appeared atop this leaderboard, compiling seventy-one eliminations and 133 points. Mrfreshasian came close but just fell short of the winner.



$40014 matches139 points80 eliminations3 Victory Royales


$20014 matches133 points71 eliminations3 Victory Royales

Parallel Squeakz

$20014 matches123 points61 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$20015 matches111 points58 eliminations4 Victory Royales

LooterTV Twitch

$015 matches111 points54 eliminations1 Victory Royale


Stay tuned to ESTNN as we cover the remaining weeks in the Fortnite Champion Series and all other stories as they happen.


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