September 6th Fortnite Trios Cash Cup Recap and Results

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September 6th Fortnite Trios Cash Cup Recap and Results

ESTNN’s Matt Pryor takes fans through the regional competition of September 5th’s Fortnite Solos Clash Cup.

The competition is intensifying as we rapidly approach the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. With just two weeks remaining in the qualifiers, every trios competition counts. We have seen many top trios qualify for the Grand Finals, but many are still seeking their spot to compete for the $10M USD prize pool. The September 6th playing of the Trios Cash Cup produced similar results to what we have seen in the past. These professional Fortnite trios have their strategies down pat and are itching to further solidify themselves at the top.

NA East

Atop the leaderboard for the NA East region is the team of envy bucke, SEN Animal and SEN Aspect. This team has already qualified for the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals, and further cemented themselves as a top trio. They put up 193 points, which came about from 112 eliminations and three Victory Royales. Bucke, Animal and Aspect are undoubtedly one of the favorites to win the FCS.

The top-ten of this jampacked group of players included Fortnite World Cup Solos Champion, SEN Bugha, alongside RS clarityG and STRETCH. They performed well, finishing in eighth-place with eighty-four eliminations and two Victory Royales. This all took place over thirteen matches for this qualified FCS trio.

Another name amongst the top was clean tigers, who has seen recent success in Solos Cash Cup. Also in the fray are names like E11 Grazca, Ghost Snood, FaZe Dubs and FaZe Megga. Some of these trios are still looking to qualify for the FCS, this is a good indicator of where their game is at.

envy bucke, SEN Animal, SEN Aspect

$12,000 13 matches 193 points 112 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


clean tigers, kinghitter69, yoink meister

$9,900 15 matches 179 points 110 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Jаmper, nösh, pαper

$7,500 14 matches 173 points 104 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


pyro voil , TeеJay, 神 vyx

$4,000 12 matches 173 points 86 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


E11 Grazca, Ajаy, E11 daxor

$2,700 12 matches 170 points 83 eliminations 5 Victory Royales


TSM_Clоud, Ghost thwifo-_-, Ghost Snood

$2,400 13 matches 169 points 82 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


LZR Kreo, TSM_Comadon, ItsHighSky

$1,800 14 matches 166 points 94 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


SEN Bughа, RS clarityG, ЅТREТСН

$1,500 13 matches 165 points 84 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


TabzG, Tеkk, code cadrent

$1,200 14 matches 162 points 93 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


FaZe Megga, Rogue Eclipsae, FaZe Dubs

$900 14 matches 159 points 78 eliminations 1 Victory Royale

NA West

Unsurprisingly, ThaiTanks, Thomuss_ and wavyjacob ran away with the title of champion for this Trios Cash Cup in the NA West region. These three perennial contenders played out twelve matches and put up an unfathomable 220 points. With 130 eliminations between the three coupled with four Victory Royales, ThaiTanks, Thomuss_ and wavyjacob were untouchable. This trio continues to separate themselves as one of the few fans can expect inside the top three in these competitions.

Finishing in second was the team of rehx, TL Cented and FLY Edgey. This is yet another team that is always in contention at the top of NA West. Overall they played fifteen matches and had 191 points to show for it. Rehx, Cented and Edgey put up a combined 104 eliminations and matched first place with four Victory Royales.

Other contenders inside the top ten included the team of 100T Arkhram1x, Bloom Falconer and TSM.Vinny1x who have proven time and time again that they are one of the top trios out of this region. There are just a few trios that we consistently see contending for wins in the NA West region.

ThaiTanks, Thomuss_, wavyjаcob

$5,100 12 matches 220 points 130 eliminations 4 Victory Royales
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rеhx, TL Cented, FLY Edgey

$3,900 15 matches 191 points 104 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


Мony, TІGG, JonnyFN TV

$3,000 15 matches 171 points 108 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Lanjok, TSM_Kaysid, Τocata

$2,100 15 matches 170 points 83 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


100T Arkhram1x, Bloom Falconer, TSM.Vinny1x

$1,500 11 matches 164 points 89 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


Meltze, Mazer Unlocalize, Mazer DBree

$1,200 15 matches 162 points 81 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


Triggу, Vaуne, Hαrmful

$900 15 matches 162 points 105 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


CLG Symetrical, NRG EpikWhale, clg leno

$900 14 matches 160 points 82 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


S2 slim, S2 little, pelican jay

$900 12 matches 158 points 89 eliminations 0 Victory Royales


Dоpi, Bloom Peace, Dаbzi

$600 14 matches 156 points 78 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


Almost as unsurprising as the NA West results, FaZe Mongraal, mitr0 and NRG benjyfishy added yet another European Trios Cash Cup victory. Their run is truly unbelievable at this point, having won nearly every trios competition to date for this region. It is a team that combines three of the most talented players in all of Fortnite. Their fifteen match stretch yielded 152 eliminations, four Victory Royales and 224 points overall. Mongraal, mitr0 and benjyfishy could be the favorites heading into the FCS finals.

Finishing well behind first place was the team of Solary Airwaks, LeStream Vato and Solary Nikof. All three of these World Cup qualifiers have ramped up their trio gameplay in the last few weeks. This is their best showing to date in a trios tournament. They ultimately finished with 195 points including 108 eliminations and a whopping five Victory Royales. The Europe region cannot go overlooked as the Fortnite Champion Series nears its finale.

FaZe Mongraal , mitr0, NRG benjуfishу

$18,000 15 matches 224 points 152 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


Solary Airwaks, LeStream Vato, Solary Nîkof

$15,000 14 matches 195 points 108 eliminations 5 Victory Royales


E11 Boyer, Fnatic Motor, Fnatic Verox

$12,000 11 matches 187 points 85 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


Stormyrite, Siberiajkee, Рutrick

$6,900 15 matches 180 points 105 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


Gambit.fwexY, Gambit.letw1k3, Secret_Domentos

$3,300 12 matches 174 points 105 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


K1nzeII, Secret_Milan, сrr

$2,700 14 matches 171 points 99 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


FRAG duzeboy, rаzebtw, eKon Fray

$2,400 11 matches 162 points 79 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


elokratz, E11 Klusia, Th0masHD

$1,800 14 matches 157 points 73 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


Mexe, Fnatic smeef, skrаm

$1,500 14 matches 157 points 91 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


Bεαst, ViaR Refsgaard, ViaR Haxcore

$1,200 12 matches 155 points 86 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


The team of masterere, C9 drakoNz and C9 blackoutz convincingly earned the title of Fortnite Trios Cash Cup champions. It took only 12 matches and this trio finished with six Victory Royales, 127 eliminations and 226 points. They finished fifteen points ahead of second place.

Pulgaboy, zotieboy and Barboysa took second with 211 points. Their path to second saw them earn 130 eliminations and three Victory Royales over twelve matches. It was quite an effort, but ultimately the high-level Brazil region contenders fell just short of first place.

masterere, C9 drakoNz, C9 blackoutz

$5,100 12 matches 226 points 127 eliminations 6 Victory Royales


Pulgabоy, zotieboу, Barboysa

$3,900 12 matches 211 points 130 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


RED Snow, RED Avlr, RED technoviking

$3,000 13 matches 191 points 113 eliminations 3 Victory Royales



$2,100 14 matches 189 points 132 eliminations 2 Victory Royales
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LS Tisora, EX spitflow, Bruиão

$1,500 14 matches 181 points 106 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


mstzera, estеvin, GusTavox8

$1,200 12 matches 176 points 107 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


thzіп, lekmalucone, Zugorow

$900 13 matches 169 points 79 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


9z PatØ, tadessj, dyfsssj

$900 14 matches 167 points 95 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Refletz xD, Faah xD, CODE KINGBR

$900 15 matches 167 points 101 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


FURIA leleo, kurтz, wisheydp

$600 15 matches 165 points 84 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Gooboz, Link and worthy earned their second straight Trios Cash Cup victory for the Oceania region. It took twelve matches, 108 eliminations and a mindboggling seven Victory Royales to earn 234 points. This trio is rapidly ascending to the short-list of non-North American or European teams that are ready to contend in an all-region tournament.

Second place went to the trio of RNG_x2Jordan, volx and sniwT2x. Their efforts included 111 eliminations and three Victory Royales. They finished with 213 points, which was a solid effort, all things considered. It will be interesting to see who emerges as the top trio coming out of the Oceania region as the FCS winds down.

Gоoboz, Link, wοrthy

$4,500 12 matches 234 points 108 eliminations 7 Victory Royales


RNG_x2Jordаn, volx, ѕniwT2x

$2,700 13 matches 213 points 111 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


ѕkyla, slаyа, ghеez

$1,800 11 matches 174 points 84 eliminations 4 Victory Royale


Warriors CoverH, Warriors Twizz, westу

$1,500 12 matches 174 points 84 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


Jynx , mrfreshasian, rel yt

$1,200 13 matches 171 points 99 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


radіus, Contest YouTube, Samboo

$900 11 matches 171 points 96 eliminations 1 Victory Royale


raptah, Youtube Bola, PhluxZy YT

$600 13 matches 164 points 74 eliminations 4 Victory Royales


Oddity Headshape, Washing Machinе, Јаx

$600 13 matches 164 points 95 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


Brеso, оѕiris, Ḍylan

$600 13 matches 158 points 117 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Crisеr, caryion, jakе the piggy

$600 14 matches 157 points 88 eliminations 1 Victory Royales


For the Asia region, CR Ruri, CR RizArt and pe Maufin put up 196 points to win the Trios Cash Cup. In terms of eliminations, they finished well ahead of second place with 124 in total. Their 196 point performance put gave them a sizable lead, which they ultimately maintained. Ruri, RizArt and Maufin also managed two Victory Royales over thirteen matches.

Second place went to Triggy, Vayne and Hαrmful, who also placed top ten for NA West. Playing on undoubtedly high ping, this trio had 106 eliminations of their own with two Victory Royales. In third place, just behind this NA West trio, is another trio from the same region. TL Cented, FLY Edgey and rehx finished top ten in both NA West and Asia. They comprised 84 eliminations and two Victory Royales in a region outside of their own.


CR Ruri, CR RizArt , pe Maufin

$4,500 13 matches 196 points 124 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


Triggу, Vaуne, Hαrmful

$2,700 14 matches 184 points 106 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


rеhx, TL Cented, FLY Edgey

$1,800 13 matches 168 points 84 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


S2 Ethan, Tavern, 4DRStorm

$1,500 14 matches 166 points 61 eliminations 5 Victory Royales


Qjac. . , CeRes. . , CR YusеA. .

$1,200 14 matches 156 points 69 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


T1 SinOoh, T1 Envy, T1 Peterpan

$900 13 matches 144 points 69 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


DTN Nasubi, Phate-o-, Its 黄金米青子

$600 9 matches 144 points 72 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


yunseopp, OPGG_Ming, noT2Far

$600 13 matches 143 points 62 eliminations 3 Victory Royales


FPX Sad, FPX Aimbot.exe, FPX 168

$600 11 matches 142 points 70 eliminations 2 Victory Royales


NolbertoEZ, lulgamer06, prodigy uv

$600 14 matches 140 points 68 eliminations 2 Victory Royales

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