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Matt is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University. He appreciates all esports titles but primarily focuses on Fortnite and Call of Duty. Matt continuously analyzes gameplay and plays the games himself to better understand in-game decisions by the best players in the world.


September 5th Fortnite Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results

September 5th Fortnite Clash Cup Solos Recap
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ESTNN’s Matt Pryor takes fans through the regional competition of September 5th’s Fortnite Solos Clash Cup.

The September 5th playing of the Solos Cash Cup yielded some appealing results for fans of professional Fortnite. Each participating region saw some of the top names in all of Fortnite Esports finishing high on the leaderboard. With fifteen matches to work with, these players are free to hold W for eliminations or take a conservative route for placement. We have compiled the top five finishers of each region.

NA East

The top of the leaderboard for NA East produced a who’s who of the best Fortnite players. Grazca of Eleven Gaming took first place with 106 points, which included two Victory Royales and fifty-two eliminations. Second place went to clean tigers, won the September 4th iteration of the Solos Cash Cup. He matched Grazca with 106 points, but failed to earn any Victory Royales.

Popular streamer and top player, FaZe Mongraal, played on a European connection and finished in third place. On Twitter, Mongraal stated he played on a consistent ping of over 100 and still managed mind-boggling performance. He won four matches altogether and put up fifty-three eliminations. Quite an impressive showing out of Mongraal given the circumstances.

Rounding out the top five is FaZe Dubs and Ghost Assault. These two respectively earned 102 and 98 points through thirteen matches. Their efforts were enough to sneak into the top five. The NA East, as usual, featured highly recognizable names on top.

E11 Grazca

$5,50014 matches106 points52 eliminations2 Victory Royales

clean tigers

$4,00014 matches106 points53 eliminations0 Victory Royales

FaZe Mongraal

$2,50015 matches102 points47 eliminations4 Victory Royales

FaZe Dubs

$1,75013 matches102 points44 eliminations3 Victory Royales

Ghost Assault

$1,50013 matches98 points49 eliminations2 Victory Royales

NA West

Thomuss_ took home first place for the NA West region. He and 4DRStorm were neck and neck, but Thomuss’ fifty-five eliminations proved the difference-maker. On top of those eliminations, he also managed two Victory Royales over thirteen matches. Coming up just short of first was Fortnite World Cup participant, 4DRStorm. He matched Thomuss_ with 102 points, but came up short on eliminations.

Frapai, CLG Symetrical and DomoFN complete the top five providing solid gameplay. DomoFN snuck into the top five with forty-three eliminations. Frapai and CLG Symetrical each completed two Victory Royales over thirteen and fifteen matches respectively.



$2,50013 matches102 points55 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$2,00015 matches102 points39 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$1,50013 matches100 points39 eliminations2 Victory Royales

CLG Symetrical

$1,25015 matches96 points37 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$80014 matches94 points43 eliminations1 Victory Royale


Benjyfishy of NRG Esports finished in first place for the Europe region. With fifty-one eliminations and two Victory Royales, benjyfishy earned no points during his last match. The fate of the tournament laid in the hands of the other players, but benjyfishy ultimately eeked it out. This adds another victory to the impressive resume composed by the young European player.

Misfits Gaming saw two of their players, Osmo and Endretta, finish inside the top five. Osmo did not earn a Victory Royale, but put up forty eliminations and 95 points in total. Endretta had forty-one eliminations of his own and had two Victory Royales. No more than three points separated the European region's top five finishers. The talent at the top of this scene is undeniable.


NRG benjyfishy

$7,00015 matches98 points51 eliminations2 Victory Royales

MSF Osmo

$5,00015 matches95 points40 eliminations0 Victory Royales

Slide Nyma

$3,50015 matches93 points48 eliminations2 Victory Royales

MSF Endretta

$2,25014 matches92 points41 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$1,75015 matches92 points37 eliminations2 Victory Royales


The young Argentinian phenom k1ng took first place in the Solos Cash Cup. K1ng solidified himself in history for lighting up the scoreboard at the Fortnite World Cup. During this tournament, he blew the competition away with seventy-two eliminations and one Victory Royale. The young player possesses proven raw talent in a region short on high-level players.

Fellow Argenian, xOwN, finished just behind k1ng in second place. He amassed forty-eight eliminations of his own with two Victory Royales. XOwN and k1ng consistently hang around the top of the Brazilian region leaderboards.


$2,50015 matches108 points72 eliminations1 Victory Royale


$2,00013 matches106 points48 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$1,50015 matches103 points57 eliminations3 Victory Royales

TLS cadu

$1,25013 matches99 points47 eliminations2 Victory Royale


$80015 matches96 points49 eliminations2 Victory Royales



T1 Hood.J finished in first place for the Asia region. He played thirteen matches and managed 104 points. This performance included fifty-six eliminations and three Victory Royales. CR Ruri finished two points behind Hood.J with 102 of his own. With forty-two eliminations and one Victory Royale, Ruri earned $750 USD after playing just eleven matches.

T1 Hood.J

$1,00013 matches104 points56 eliminations3 Victory Royale

CR Ruri

$75011 matches102 points42 eliminations1 Victory Royales


$55013 matches99 points39 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$40014 matches97 points34 eliminations2 Victory Royales


$30014 matches94 points34 eliminations2 Victory Royales


Middle East

The winner of the Middle East Solos Cash Cup was DS He put up fifty-two eliminations and three Victory Royales en route to a 105 point performance. narrowly edged out 1TAP NotSai, who had forty-four eliminations and four Victory Royales. The ultimate deciding factor came down to the eliminations.


$1,00013 matches105 points52 eliminations3 Victory Royales

1TAP NotSai

$75011 matches104 points44 eliminations4 Victory Royales

Thunder OutLaaw

$55012 matches99 points40 eliminations3 Victory Royale


$40015 matches92 points43 eliminations1 Victory Royales


$30014 matches90 points36 eliminations3 Victory Royale



With 114 points in total, slaya separated himself from the field in the Oceania Solos Cash Cup. This showing included forty-eight eliminations and two Victory Royales. He had eight more eliminations than second place. This showing earned him $1K USD. Slaya handily took down the Oceania region for this iteration of the Cash Cup.



$1,00010 matches114 points48 eliminations2 Victory Royales

Jace iwnl

$75011 matches101 points40 eliminations3 Victory Royales


$55013 matches96 points33 eliminations2 Victory Royales

Twitch Sorif

$40013 matches94 points39 eliminations1 Victory Royales


$30015 matches93 points51 eliminations2 Victory Royale

Image VIA: Epic Games

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