Fortnite: September 19th Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results

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Fortnite: September 19th Solos Cash Cup Recap and Results


NA East

Fortnite World Cup contender UnknownxArmy1x took first place in the NA East Solos Cash Cup. With 122 points, UnknownxArmy established a gap between himself and the rest of the field. Although he completed 12 matches and 0 Victory Royales, an impressive 76 eliminations and average placement of 20.50 was winning recipe. He finished ahead of LXRY Melody by 15 points to secure. This marks the first Solos Cash Cup win for UnknownxArmy.


NA West

KNG Maken1x safely claimed his second straight Solos Cash Cup victory. After his win the previous evening, Maken1x rode that momentum back to the top for the Champion’s Cash Cup. Consistency in solos is difficult to find, but Maken has done just that. His performance saw him play out 14 total matches with 3 Victory Royales to show for it. He managed 49 eliminations and an average placement of 29.71. The margin of victory was a mere 5 points for Maken as he continues to grow his impressive solos resume.



Popular European player, NRG benjyfishy, ran away with the Champions Solos Cash Cup for the Europe region. He finished 14 points ahead of his trios teammate, mitr0, and convincingly displayed how much of a threat he is in solos. He put up 114 points with 3 Victory Royales and a whopping 57 eliminations. Benjyfishy even went on to say that this was the best solos performance in his Fortnite career. He included a brief clip of his outstanding performance on Twitter.


Top Fortnite Champion Series contender, skyla, walked away with first place for the Oceania Solos Cash Cup. Much like UnknownxArmy, skyla did not earn any Victory Royales over his outstanding run. In total, he completed 12 matches and managed 48 eliminations which produced 102 points overall. This effort was good enough for first place by just a one-point margin. Skyla’s performance can be attributed to his consistent placements. He and his trio of slaya and gheez are one of the OCE favorites heading into the FNCS Finals.

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TLS cadu took first place for the Brazil Champion’s Solos Cash Cup. Having played out only 11 matches, cadu made the most those with 3 Victory Royales to compliment 53 eliminations. Those 3 Victory Royales took place consecutively, which vaulted him to the top of the leaderboard where he remained. Cadu’s margin of victory came out to 19 points. With a recent 4th place finish in the September 5th Solos Cash Cup, Cadu has quite the resume in solos competitions.


The Asia Fortnite Solos Cash Cup went to T1 HoodJ this week. After a 12th place finish in the August 29th Solos Cash Cup, he finally achieved the highly difficult tournament win. Over 14 matches, he earned 3 Victory Royales. That said, HoodJ’s best match yielded a 10 elimination Victory Royale. Overall he took first by 9 points with 106 in total. HoodJ’s steady uprise in final placements through these Cash Cups shows massive improvement.

Middle East

eGz ToRmen came out on top for the Middle East Solos Cash Cup tournament. After qualifying for the FNCS Finals with I4xPro and Dexefite, ToRmen continued an impressive run in the Middle East region. In the past, ToRmen has placed as high as 2nd in the August 29th Solos Cash Cup. His path to victory included 109 points with 1 Victory Royale overall. ToRmen carries this online success into the FNCS Finals this weekend.

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Stay tuned to ESTNN for coverage of the Fortnite Champion Series final this weekend!

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