Secretlab and Esports Partners Help Fight COVID-19

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Secretlab and Esports Partners Help Fight COVID-19

Secretlab, a major gaming chair company, donates 50,000 masks to US hospitals as well, and plans on funding more before April 13.

The coronavirus pandemic hit the entire world for a couple weeks now. Medical workers are facing a critical shortage of personal protective equipment, including masks. The US are one of the most impacted countries, with over 275,000 cases of COVID-19.

To help fight against the coronavirus, the gaming community is uniting to find ways to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need.

Major game publishers, including Activision Blizzard and Twitch, set up a rewarding program for gamers who stay at home. Sony, leader in the entertainment industry, launched a $100 million fund to help fight against COVID-19. Today, we learn that a new industry member is helping those in need: Secretlab, a gaming chair manufacturer, donates 50,000 masks to front line workers in US hospitals.

A graphic showing an illustrated medical mask with the words "Secretlab is donating 50,000 masks" written above. Secretlab's company logo and the logo of their partners in the initiative appear beneath

Moreover, the company announced that they partnered with Riot Games, Valve, Cloud9, G2 Esports, Team Secret, OG and Astralis to further donate part of the proceeds from the respective Secretlab Esports Edition and Secretlab Special Edition chairs sold from now until April 13. The benefits from each sale will allow Secretlab to fund an additional 200 masks per chair.

There are different kinds of masks, and they all protect differently from the COVID-19.

Not all are intended for the same use and therefore do not offer the same level of protection. In any case, wearing a mask in front of your mouth helps absorb potentially contaminated droplets and therefore avoid contamination.

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But in the context of this pandemic, masks are becoming scarce commodities. Especially for those who need it most medical workers. They take care of patients all day long, often infected by the coronavirus. Without face protection, they cannot protect themselves. If they fall sick, medical professionals cannot keep on treating their patients, causing a surge in the epidemic.

Secretlab’s initiative will provide front line workers in US hospitals with the tools they need to stay safe and healthy.



Secretlab and Esports Partners Help Fight COVID-19
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