Season Premiere of HBO’s “Ballers” to Feature Esports, League of Legends & Splyce

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Season Premiere of HBO’s “Ballers” to Feature Esports, League of Legends & Splyce

HBO’s series Ballers, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is set to include esports in the plot tonight during the season premiere. As to what this inclusion supposedly entails, Marty Strenczewilk, founder of Splyce, was one of the first to reveal this info about Ballers. It suggests that Splyce is involved:

Additionally, this image was included in the Tweet and in the Ballers promo:

Splyce Ballers Van HBO

Meanwhile, LoLEsports Twitter has directly mentioned League of Legends as being involved in this episode:

Ballers is described by HBO as having the following overall plot for the series:

The sun-soaked world of a group of past and present football players in and around Miami, FL is the setting for this half-hour HBO comedy series. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson stars as a retired superstar who is trying to find a foothold as a financial manager to current players as they navigate life off the field.”

It is likely that Dwayne Johnson’s character in this series is going to invest in an esports team, or become an agent to the players, most likely involving League of Legends. People will have to watch the show to find out exactly how esports is involved now.

There are also rumors swirling that Team Liquid will be involved in the new season as well. We will keep you posted on any news via our website, Twitter and Facebook.

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Ballers’ new (and supposedly final) season will premiere tonight on HBO at 10:30 EST.

Featured image via: HBO Ballers

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