Season of Discovery Phase 2, What’s Coming

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Season of Discovery Phase 2, What’s Coming

Season of Discovery Phase 2 is bringing changes, but what are some of the major things coming to the popular Classic format?

Phase 2 is almost here, so let's take a look at what we know is coming and speculate on some of the unknown.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 Release Date

Season of Discovery Phase 2 drops February 8th globally, though for those in Europe, it might be best just to get up nice and early on the 9th.

Level Increase

We'll see an increase of the level cap to 40, and with it, way more of the game's world being open to players. Obviously, you could go anywhere already… it's just not advised. The jump from 25 to 40 is only 15 levels, and should see most players leveling at a solid pace. You can prepare yourself for the “grind” by saving up some quests before Phase 2 starts, and hand them in once it drops. Alternatively, a method a lot of players are opting for is to “grind” levels via dungeons. For Alliance, Stockade is an incredible option here due to how fast it is and the Dungeon's location.

End row Talents

While the increase in level gap brings with it more talents, crucially it lets players hit their final talent on each row. Now, this might not be the optimal option for most classes, however, with new Runes coming in Phase 2 we might see a few specs playing with their end talent.

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New Runes

Phase 2 will bring with it 12 new Runes for each spec in SoD. Right now, we don't know what any of these are or how we'll obtain them. We also don't know if we'll see a new gear slot have Rune functionality. Right now, the RUne slots have followed the standard “Tier Set” formula, and with players moving up the levels more shoulders and helms will become available, so we might see those slots added.

We'll have an update to all our Rune guides up ASAP, so check our landing page for updates.

New Raid Gnomeregan

Gnomeregan is our new raid in Phase 2, and we know it will also be a 10-man Raid. One interesting note on the raid is that we might see it come out a week after Phase 2 drops. This is standard now in Retail WoW, but is untested for SoD. In Classic Wrath, raids just drop, though, Classic doesn't really have “patches” like Retail and SoD have. For our part, it's probably best the raid has a break, and based on the replies, that seems the most popular option.

STV PvP Event

The PvP event is moving from Ashenvale to STV in Phase 2, and changes are expected. “There will be blood”, was the quote from Josh Greenfield, with speculation over a “blood moon” marking the start of the event. Ashenvale was a great experience, that improved over time, so we suspect STV will have learnt a lot.

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And that's it for now! Keep it locked to our Season of Discovery tag for more information as we prepare BiS lists and Talent builds for Phase 2!

Season of Discovery Phase 2, What’s Coming
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