All 60 Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Locations

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All 60 Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Locations

Are you still looking for the Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch locations? Don't worry we have a complete list with all of them and their rewards here.

Sea of Stars is on a fast track to become the indie darling of the year. The game is so full of early 90s game design charm with just the right tinge of innovation and stunning pixel visuals that it is almost impossible not to love it.

We've listed all the locations of all the Rainbow Conch's in the game as well as their rewards. Some of these locations can only be accessed after you've obtained certain abilities.

You need to collect all 60 to unlock the true ending.

All Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Locations

Evermist Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Forbidden Cavern: Requires the Mistral Bracelet. West of the entrance, just push the block and unveil the chest.

Mooncradle: Requires the Mistral Bracelet. Help the NPC push the leaves in the southeastern portion of the map.

The next one also requires the Mistral bracelet and is located west of the entrance. You need to push the tall crates to destroy the weeds. Then talk to the man in the barn.

Mountain Trail: Requires the Graplou. East of the entrance you can climb a ladder, then head east and use the Graplou to get across the gap.

Elder Mist Trail: Requires the Mistral Bracelet. Access the western portal and push the block to find the chest.

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Sleeper Siland Rainbow Conch Locations

X'tol's Landing: Hidden in the area's southwestern part.

Moonlands: The first one requires the Mistral Bracelet. Just push the green crystal close to the lake.

The second requires the upgraded Cobalt Hammer. Here you have to break all the crystals in the middle of the zone.

Stonemason's Outpost: Both require the Mistral Bracelet. The first can be found in the artist workshop.

The second is obtained by restarting the outdoor bath after wrapping up the Wind Tunnel Mines. Simply drop down into the facility and activate the fan.

Wind Tunnel Mines: Hidden in the western direction after you drop down the second elevator shaft.

Coral Cascades: Drop down the waterfall to the east and activate the spinner.

The second one can be found by jumping down the narrow waterfall to break the crack.

Brisk: One can be found south of the entrance near a Mole.

The next one can be earned by winning Mr. Chest's game five times.

One can be found by talking to the two Molkekin children on the beach.

Another can be obtained by giving 30 fish fillets to the father and son fishing, you can find them by swimming southwest. Swim under the docks to find the hidden market, here you'll find the chest.

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After Brisk is rebuilt, talk to the ice cream-eating Mole, then go to the Stonemasons Village to talk with the painter and return to Brisk to talk to the painter again.

After Brisk is rebuilt, you can find a hidden path behind the rubble next to the new arena. Follow the path and you'll find the chest.

Abandoned Wizard's Lab: Mix a green and blue crystal to create a teal portal, once used you'll find the chest underneath the dock.

Mix a green and red crystal for the yellow crystal. Now solve the puzzle for your Rainbow Conch.

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Wraith Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Wraith Island Docks: Jump down the tree-root bridge into the mist to find the hidden chest.

Town of Lucent: Talk to the portrait in the house east of the entrance. Then speak to the next portrait in the house to the north. Then return to the first portrait to hand in Berry Jam.

Jump into the water near the locked shack to the south and swim behind it.

Cursed Woods: Before the campfire, cross the bridge to the west into a secret area.

Flooded Graveyard: The chest is floating in the water next to the skull-shaped entrance.

Necromancer's Lair: In the room, before you get the Graplou, the one with the moving platforms, use the just obtained Graplou to reach the top right corner.

Haunted Mansion: Find the button at one of the pots in the garden to reveal the blocked path in the kitchen.

Half-Sunken Tower: After obtaining the ability to fly, fly to the small island to the north and solve the puzzle which is similar to the one found before the Necromancer's Lair. Now you can use the wooden raft to reach the dock to the south. You'll find the chest in the swamp.

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Settler's Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Mirth: One chest can be found next to the save point on top of a roof.

The other can be found in the fishing pond after the Fishing Hut is built.

Ancient Crypt: This chest can be found behind the pillar east of the entrance.

Watcher Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Jungle Path: Requires the Solistice Bracelet. Solve the light puzzle by lining up the three mirrors, the gave with the chest will reveal after.

Lake Docarria: Enter the house to the southeast, jump into the whirlpool, and swim up into another house for the chest.

Enter the merchant's house, jump into the whirlpool, then find the next whirlpool at the end of a small passage to the north. Then follow the past.

Find the three children for the grandfather south of the Conch shop. You'll find two of them in the merchant's house, the last one in the house north of the grandfather.

Sacred Grove: Solve the puzzle behind the small waterfall.

Antsoldo: Near the end of a tube of water that spins you into a different area. You need to find both vales, lower the water, and exit through the southwest door back into the central room, Now jump you only have to down.

Glacial Peaks: Requires the Solistice Bracelet. You simply have to melt the large block of I've in the room with all the light puzzles. Then just head left to find the chest.

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Torment Peak: After the first campfire, you'll find vines to the west you can climb down. Then just follow the path to find a cave and the treasure.

Mossy Cache: Found in the northeastern corner.

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Mesa Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Autumn Hills: Climb the trees and you'll find the chest hidden in the western section.

Bamboo Creek: It's hidden in a small pond. You'll find Baboo Creek east of Lake Turquise.

Songshroom Marsh: Found behind Yomara's House.

Clockwork Castle: In the room with the pushable latter. Complete the puzzle to open the path to the chest.

Skylands Rainbow Conch Locations

Cloud Kingdom: Rest in the Inn.

Found in the council room behind a pillar.

Air Elemental Skyland: Behind the campfire, you'll find a door behind the puzzle that leads to a hidden area.

Cerulean Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Derelict Factory: Once you have the Crane ID Card, use the crane to obtain the chest.

Repine: One is found in the shop.

Simply feed the snake robot in the inn whatever food it asks for.

Look for the chest behind the inn.

Cerulean Expanse: One of the robots at the inn will give you directions to find a hidden path. Those are south, southwest, southeast, and south.

Throne of the Queen That Was: Speak to Serai after the Dweller fighter and she'll give you an artifact. Bring that artifact to Teaks who will reveal a secret passage that leads to the previous area. Here you'll also find the chest.

Sacrosanct Spires Rainbow Conch Locations

Seat of the Triumvirate: Found left to the campfire about the set of stairs.

Sea of Stars rainbow conch

Sky Base Rainbow Conch Locations

Sky Base: In the room where you control the platforms with the help of switches. The chest is hidden above the first set of platforms.

Other Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Stillpond Island: Found out of Wraith Island. You can find the fest in the bushes to the northeast.

Kiln Mountain: You'll find a chest blocked by stalagmites near a Save Point. Push to break them push the lava boulder towards them.

Sunken Docarri Ruins: You'll need a flight to obtain this one. First, you'll need to complete light puzzles all around the world map after making a visit to the island north of Sleeper Island. After you have gathered the seals, enter the ruins and defeat the Seal Slug.

Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Rewards:

You can now turn in the Rainbow Conch at Cocarri Village by talking to Mirna at her shop. Here you can obtain the following rewards:

4x Something Social: Inn Plans for Mirth.
11x Something Useful: The Cornucopia which increases Max Part HP +20.
19x Something Transactional: Shop Plans for Mirth.
22x Something Bountiful: Fishing Hut Plans for Mirth
27x Something Shrewd: A Falcon-Eyed Parrot that helps you find treasure.
35x Something Healthy: Recipe: Poutine
39x Something Relaxing: Spa Plans for Mirth.
47x Something Potent: Recipe: Pudding Chomeur
60x Something Meta: The Rainbow Star which is required for the true ending.

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All 60 Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Locations
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