Should You use Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect Option?

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Should You use Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect Option?

Should you use Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect option? This is what the setting means and if it's suitable for you.

Sea of Stars is one of the most promising indies released this year, gurning great reviews so far and getting a lot of players interested in a more classic RPG after the expansive experiences of TOTK and Baldur’s Gate. It’s an RPG told mainly in sprites or pixel art though, a retro look that has really excelled in recent years with more indies going with this art style. That sometimes raises issues though, particularly with displaying the game in the right resolution that won’t distort or affect the pixels that crucially form the art in game. That’s why there’s a Sea of Stars pixel perfect option.

It’s a setting that you’ll see pop up as you look at a lot of pixel-based titles. Official emulators like those on the Switch offer it along with quite a few more retro games revamped for. Modern platforms. If you’ve never delved too deeply into the settings though, you might be wondering what is pixel perfect in Sea of Stars?

The game looks amazing visually. Its pixel art is beautiful and a real stand out part of the game. Getting it to look perfect can make sure you’re getting the most out of the game. If you’re not used to the Sea of Stars pixel perfect option though, this is what it means and when you’ll need to have it off or on.


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What is Pixel Perfect in Sea of Stars?

When you head into the settings for Sea of Stars, in the video section you’ll see only five options. There’s brightness, screen resolution, display mode, then pixel perfect. You can set it to Off or On. What exactly does it mean though? The setting is actually only for a very specific display.

The option is there for those who aren’t playing in 16:9 display. That’s the standard wider display format that most TVs and other displays use. It isn’t universal though. Some players use a wider display or prefer 4:3 more boxey style for their displays. If you’re using a format other than 16:9, then the Sea of Stars Pixel perfect setting is going to come in handy. If you’re unsure which display you’re using, this is what each of them are.

Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect Option

Turning the Sea of Stars pixel perfect option on will put black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. This means that your display isn’t going to be stretched. Doing that might stretch the game and make the title display in a way that really distorts the art. This would impact how the game looks, so it might be better to think about using it.

Should You Use Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect?

The Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect setting will definitely be useful if you’re not playing on a 16:9 monitor. If you’re particularly obsessed with not losing parts of your screen to black bars, you can leave it off. However, it will stretch the art and generally damage the appearance of the game.

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Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect Option

It’s probably best to turn on the Pixel Perfect option if you’re playing on a differently-sized display. You don’t have to, but it’s definitely recommended.

Do You Need to Use Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect Option on Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck has a native 16:10 display. That’s just slightly off from the standard layout! That means you’ll notice a very slight distortion playing Sea of Stars on the platform. If you want to make sure it looks completely right then it might be best to use the Sea of Stars pixel perfect option. Once you know what is pixel perfect in Sea of Stars, the benefits of using it on this platform as obvious.

Should You Use Pixel Perfect on a 16:9 Monitor?

Most people with other sizes of monitors should turn the setting on, but what about 16:9 monitors? You don’t have to turn on if you use this size.

Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect Option

Basically, it won’t make a difference for you. It doesn’t actually affect how the game displays outside of this so it won’t be a major change. Other games or platforms have used filters or other add ons for a Pixel Perfect mode, but Sea of Stars doesn’t need that. You can safely leave it turned off if you’re using a 16:9 monitor. You don’t need to use Sea of Stars pixel perfect in this case.

Should You use Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect Option?
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