Scuf NBA 2K Controller Collection Gets Brand New Release

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Scuf NBA 2K Controller Collection Gets Brand New Release

NBA 2K fans unite.

Just this week, the NBA 2K League Collection announced that they are adding custom controller designs for two new teams to the league: the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai and Hornets Venom GT.

From what we can tell, this collection is for true esports fans that live, breathe, and sleep NBA 2K. Many of the top NBA 2K League players actually use SCUF controllers in competition. And allegedly, they have been known to give players the advantage of “that same performance edge” real esports professionals get.

More Details

Each controller features a configurable paddle control system. This allows players to freely use more of their sweaty hands for faster passes, more efficient steals, and overall better shot accuracy.

Brendan Donohue, Managing Director, NBA 2K League, detailed the controllers in a prior blog post:

“Scuf Gaming’s handcrafted controllers are fully customizable and will allow our players to personalize key areas of design and function to match their styles.”

There are over 24 unique NBA 2K League designs available. Each gives esports fans a chance to represent their hometown team, or long distance favorite, while actually gaming themselves.

“We’re continuing to build on our two-year relationship with the NBA 2K League as its Official Gaming Controller, customizing SCUFs to each team’s colors and logos, and giving fans access to the same NBA 2K League controllers many of their favorite players are using every match.”

Moving Forward

This is the second year of Scuf’s 2K releases. Their latest batch of NBA esports controllers encompassing everything that the Scuf team strives for. NBA 2K is a franchise with fierce fans and a lot of players striving to go into professional gaming.

“Like a good pair of sneakers on the court, a SCUF is an extension of the player, allowing for a better controller experience through customization, comfort, performance and design.”

While the ultimate determining factor for a surefire 2K win is to be good at the game, this controller might actually help you out. SCUF is doing a free giveaway right now on Twitter, hoping fans gain even more interest in the controllers themselves.

The controllers look incredible but they are over $180 bucks a piece for just one. So while they might be a perfect gift, keep in mind that these are professional controllers before you decide to drop your hard-earned esports cash.

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