Saudi eLeague 2023: Season 2 To Begin Soon

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Saudi eLeague 2023: Season 2 To Begin Soon

Did you know that the Saudi eLeague 2023: Season 2 will begin soon? Let’s learn more details about it.

If the Overwatch League does not seem interesting enough, or you simply want to watch other kinds of tournaments, Saudi Arabia has your back. The Kingdom is known for hosting a wide range of tournaments for a variety of games, and Overwatch 2 is not an exception. That’s why the Saudi eLeague 2023: Season 2 will definitely be a tournament that’s worth watching. The Saudi League Overwatch has a lot of intriguing things, so let’s share more details about them.

Saudi eLeague 2023: Season 2 – Overview

The interesting thing about the Saudi eLeague is that it has been around for more than 2 years. We have seen a couple of variations of it, but the most recent one is called Saudi eLeague 2023: Season 2. The tournament will begin on 20 November and will last until 2 December. Similar to the other events from Saudi Arabia, this one will be held in Riyadh, and it will be in an offlane format. People who want to attend it and see the best Overwatch 2 teams in the world will need to go to SEF Arena.

Saudi League Overwatch – Rules & Format

The Saudi eLeague 2023: Season 2 will consist of Group Stage and Playoffs. The Group Stage will have 2 groups of 4 teams that will play Ft3 Round Robin matches. After the groups are over, 6 teams will advance to the playoffs, which will be a double-elimination bracket. The finals are in Ft4, whereas all other matches are in Ft3.

In terms of the prize pool, we will have a total of 400,000 SAR, which is equal to around $106K. This is what the prize pool distribution will look like:

  • 1st Place – ~$42k.
  • 2nd Place  – ~$32k
  • 3rd Place – ~$21k
  • 4th Place – ~$10k

We do not have any information about the Saudi League Overwatch when it comes to the teams that will be a part of the tournament. There are ongoing qualifiers, so we will have to wait and see which names will join. One thing is certain – this is going to be one of the largest Overwatch 2 competitions of 2023, so we expect to see all leading names.

Saudi eLeague 2023: Season 2 To Begin Soon
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