Rumbleverse Season 1 Battle Pass has launched

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Rumbleverse Season 1 Battle Pass has launched

After a rather busy launch week, Rumbleverse season 1 has now launched. Here is everything you need to know!

Rumbleverse Season 1 is Bringing the Heat

On the day the G1 Climax 32 brought a heated Pro Wrestling summer to a close, Rumbleverse decided to extend the heat by another 3 months. That's right, Rumbleverse which was released last week is now officially kicking off its season pass. If you're still on edge if you want to give Iron Galaxy's latest title a try, you can check out our first impressions right here. Since the launch of this brand-new battle royale title, we've seen more and more players mess around with it.

Since then, contestants more versed in the fighting game genre have figured out some interesting tech like jump cancels and nasty ability combos. But what is a good battle royale without rewards? While the launch version allowed you to earn minor rewards by completing challenges, the new battle pass comes with a slew of rewards for you. Just by logging in, you can obtain a yellow jumpsuit that reminds no one, absolutely no one of that one scene from that Tarantino movie with the samurai ladies that referenced a certain famous Chinese actor.

That is however the only costume reward for free-to-play players. All the other free rewards are largely limited to boost for the separate league experience ‘fame' which will give you random clothing options as you rank up. And at level 99 you'll get a chicken head. Other free rewards are mostly decorative frames and pose for your title card, an emote and an additional hairstyle.

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But you pay $9.99 you get the chance to earn not only additional experience boosts and more for title card. It also includes a whole slew of new outfits for your character to decorate themselves with. You're guaranteed the Luchador set, the Chef Bruiser, the Cannon Igniter, a Hazmat Suit, the Punk Rocker outfit and at rank 100 you earn the illustrious Squaaawky Squaaats outfit. A big fat rooster with looks that could kill.

Completing the complete battle pass will also earn 1500 Brawlla Bills, Rumbleverse's premium currency with a rough value of $15.50 for their cash shop. So the battle pass pretty much pays for itself and then some. It comes off as a little meager for free-to-play players, though, since most of the rewards seem rather useless in comparison. But if you plan to stick around Rumbleverse, 80 days should be more than enough to complete the entire battle pass.

We would recommend first trying the game out and if you can't spend the money. And if you find yourself deep in the battle pass, you are probably guaranteed to get your value out of dropping $9.99 on the battle pass. Because so far Rumbleverse has proven itself to be a pretty good battle royale title and we're excited about its future.

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Rumbleverse Season 1 Battle Pass has launched
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