Rogue Runes – WoW Season of Discovery

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Rogue Runes – WoW Season of Discovery

All we found out about Rogue Runes in WoW Season of Discovery neatly in one place.

Here is our guide to Rogue Runes in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

Rogue Rune Locations in WoW SoD Phase 2

How to Find Rolling with the Punches Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head on over to Thousand Needles and locate a tent in Camp E'Thok which can be found here at these coordinates 18.5 20.9.
  • Now you only have to open all the chests until you find the Rolling with the Punches rune.

How to Find Shadowstep Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • Reach level 30 and you'll receive a letter from C. Head to the Dead Drop in Pyrewood Village in Silverpine Forest (same location as the Deadly Brew rune).
  • Here you start the The Eye of Bhossca quest by looting the chest.
  • Head to the stables of the Scarlet Monastery and loot the Scarlet Initate's Uniform from the chest at 81.2 32.1.
  • Enter the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard and put on the Scarlet Initate's Uniform to avoid getting spotted.
  • Pickpocket Scarlet Scryer for Scryer's Key.
  • Now enter the Scarlet Monastery Library and use the Scryer's Key to open the chest in the last hallway.
  • Now enter the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard and /sit on one of the two benches close to the Forloin Cloister. The two between the two statues on the sides of the graveyard. This will trigger an event.
  • Now head to the Stone Coffer located in the northern mausoleum and loot it.
  • Now head back to the Scarlet Monastery Library and loot the chest found in the Gallery of Treasures.
  • Now you can head back to the Pyrewood Village and turn in the The Eye of Bhossca quest.
  • Once you enter a major city, you'll get another letter telling you to pick up the Rune of Shadowstep at the hut in Pyrewood Village.

How to Find Poisoned Knife Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head to Desolace and find the Extingushed Fire at 47.5 54.6 near the Kodo Graveyard. Here you can initiate the quest Highway Robbery.
  • Head to Bibbly F'utzbuckle at the northeast of the Graveyard to turn in and accept the quest On the Lam.
  • Next, you have to go to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and walk to Tokal at the Inn and you get the quest Cherry for Your Thoughts. Now buy Cherry Grog from Nixxrax Fillamug and turn in the quest with Tokal to accept No Honor Among Thieves.
  • Now go to the Arathi Highlands and use the rowboat at 53.0 91.0 to go to the eastern shore. Here you have to talk to Illari Duskfeather at the docks, fight, and loot her for Illari's Key.
  • You'll find a chest near Illari's location at the docks where you can turn in the quest for the Jewel-Encrusted Box which contains the rune.

How to Find Shuriken Toss Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • Reach level 30 and learn Disarm Trap.
  • Next head to the Swamp of Sorrows and go to 41.0 30.0 and find the Dart Trap on a tree.
  • You'll get shot by a Poison Dart if you get too close so use Disarm Trap to disarm it.
  • Now loot the chest for the Shuriken Toss rune.

How to Find Master of Subtlety Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head to Kurzen's Compound in northern Stanglethorn Vale and enter the tower. Here you can talk to Wendel Mathers who's held captive here.
  • Next, enter the cave just north of the tower. Here you have to pickpocket Kurzen enemies until you can get a key, alternatively, you can also lockpick the chest if you have Lockpicking 125 or more.
  • Head back to the tower and free Wendel Mathers.
  • Talk to Captain Aransas in Booty Bay at 27.8 76.6 and obtain the Master of Subtlety Rune and Jani's Charm.

How to Find Waylay Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head on over to Ariden's Camp at Deadwind Pass and talk to the Dalaran Agent to obtain Ariden's Sigil.
  • Equip it and you'll get the Dark Presence Buff in certain locations which causes Dark Riders to spawn. You'll have to slay all 7 of them.
  • These can be found at the following locations and coordinates, loot them for the relics:
    • Deadwind Pass: 43.0 29.0
    • Duskwood: 23.0 47.0
    • Swamp of Sorrows: 69.0 28.0
    • Arathi Highlands: 34.0 35.0
    • The Barrens: 52.0 36.0
    • Desolace: 65.0 25.0
    • Badlands: 58.0 54.0
  • Return to the Dalaran Agent and turn in the relicts to obtain the rune.
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How to Find Redirect Rune/Skillbook in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • Drop from Random mobs in Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Wing.

Rogue Rune Locations in WoW Season of Discovery

How to Find Deadly Brew Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • After reaching Level 20, the player will be asked via mail to head to Sliverpine Forest and visit the Pyrewood Village. Just in front of Shadowfang Keep you visit a hut, look at a chest, and obtain the quest The Horn of Xelthos.
  • The quest will lead to the Stonetalon Mountains where you have to talk to Veenix. He'll tell you that you can pickpocket or loot the Venture Co. Work order from Venture Co. Operators, return and you'll receive the Breaching Charge.
  • Now you have to return to Silverpine Forest and enter Shadowfang Keep alone to trigger the next part of the quest.
  • Using the Breaching Charge allows you to open the gate in front of you and find Gemela and Gefell, two elite mobs you have to steal the Sister's and Brother's Half-Key from. Gemela is found in the Ball Room and Gefell is in a room upstairs from the Ball Room.
  • Using both of them allows you to combine them into the Twin Key which can be used at the stables found in the Courtyard. There you open the chest which will reveal the Horn of Xelthos. Now you only have to bring it back to the hut you visited in the beginning and turn in the quest.
  • Next time you enter a major city, you'll receive another mail asking you to return to where you can find the Rune of Deadly Brew.

How to Find Just a Flesh Wound Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • The Rune of Teasing can be purchased for 4 Gold and 50 Silver off the Supply Factions after reaching the Honored Reputation with them. They are Durotar Supply and Logistics and the Azeroth Commerce Authority respectively.

How to Find Quick Draw Rune in Season of Discovery

  • Undead: Kill Knolls, Murlocs, Scarlet Crusade members, and Humans to create the Tirisfal Treasure Map which will reward you with the rune.
  • Orc and Troll: In Durotar you have to kill Kultirans, Quilboars, Trolls, and Burning Blade Cultists for parts of the map to find the rune.
  • Night Elf: Kill mobs all around Teldrassil to find parts that create the map which will lead you to the rune.
  • Dwarf and Gnome: In Dun Morogh you have to slay Troggs, Leper Gnomes, Trolls, and Dark Iron Spies for parts of the map.
  • Human: Kill mobs across Elwynn Forest which will reward you with parts of the map which will in turn lead you to the rune.

How to Find Slaughter in the Shadows Rune in Season of Discovery

  • Undead: Head into the Agamand Family Crypt in Tirisfal Glades and loot the Agamand Relict Coffer Key off nearby mobs to open the chest containing the rune.
  • Troll and Orc: You find the rune in a chest that can be found at Drygulch Ravine in Durotar.
  • Night Elf: In Teldrassil you have to slay Furbolgs in Banethil for the key which will open the chest inside the Barrows.
  • Dwarf and Gnome: In Dun Morogh you can find the chest on top of the Kharanos Inn.
  • Human: In Elwynn Forest you find a house just north of the Goldshire Inn, climb on top of it, and claim the chest for yourself.

How to Find Between the Eyes Rune in Season of Discovery

  • Undead: In Tirisfal Glades steal a key from the murlocs close to the chest at 65.9, 25.6, and open it.
  • Troll and Orc: Head to Ogrimmar and locate the chest near The Drag at 56,45.
  • Night Elf: Kill or pickpocket Gnarlpine mobs in Teldrassil and open the chest with the Gnarlpine Stash Key at 37.9, 82.5.
  • Gnome and Dwarf: Head to Ironforge and find the Rogue Trainer in Forlon Cavern. Then head up the stairs to your right, loot the chest, and kill the two mobs spawning.
  • Human: In Stormwind head down Cutthroat Alley and enter the house at its very end. Upstairs you can loot the chest and the death of the two muggers to obtain the rune.

How to Find Blade Dance Rune in Season of Discovery

  • Horde: In the Barrens, you have to steal the Buccaneer's Matchbox from Southsea Connoneer's close to Ratchet. Then you have to go up to the camp on the hill close by and light a gunpowder keg on fire with the matches to obtain the rune.
  • Human: In Westfall, you have to pickpocket Defias mobs until you find an envelope that will direct you to a chest near the entrance to Deadmines, the rune is inside.
  • Dwarf and Gnome: In Loch Modan, you need to steal the Dark Iron Lockbox from Dark Iron Dwarves, lockpick it and the rune is yours.
  • Night Elf: In the Cliffspring River cage in Darkshore you have to kill Naga until they drop a key which opens the chest at the very end of the cave with the rune inside.

How to Find Envenom Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • In Hillsbrand Foothills in Durnholde Keep you'll find a vendor that sells a Hot Tip for 75 silver. This contains a map and a Safe Combination. Now just follow the river North until you end up in the Plaguelands and there should be a waterfall with a chest at the bottom.

How to Find Mutilate Rune in Season of Discovery

  • Undead: Head to Brill in Tirisfal Glades and pickpocket Captain Perrine, take it to the town hall to create a document, and bring the document to Jamie Nore.
  • Orc and Troll: Steal from Burning Blade thugs at Razor Hill in Durotar until you find a note that'll lead you to the Stealth Troll at 51,58.
  • Human: In Northshire steal from Garrick Padfoot and bring the note to Cutty who can be found next to a wall to the south.
  • Night Elf: Dropped from Lord Melenas in Teldrassil's cave north of Dolanaar.
  • Dwarf and Gnome: Steal from Dark Iron Dwarfs at Helm's Bed Lake in Dun Morogh to obtain Blackrat's Note. Hand it in to Blackrat who can be found at Misty Pine Refuge near the lake.
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How to Find Shadowstrike Rune in Season of Discovery

  • Undead: Kill or steal from a Scarlet Convert in Deathknell in the Tirisfal Glades.
  • Orc and Troll: In Durotar you'll find a chest on the cliffs near the entry point of the Valley of Trials.
  • Human: Contained in a chest at 52,52 in Northshire.
  • Night Elf: Teldrassil you'll find the rune inside an owl statue on top of a building at 59,38.
  • Dwarf and Gnome: Found in a chest in Dun Morogh at 30,80.

How to Find Saber Slash Rune in Season of Discovery

  • Undead: In Silverpine Forest you have to use Sprint near the entrance of Shadowfang Keep to jump to a small platform with a chest.
  • Orc and Troll: Head to the Barrens and go to Northwatch Hold, to the left after you pass through the gate you'll find the chest on top of a stable. Go up and lockpick the chest and the rune is yours.
  • Human: In Westfall head to the Sentinel Hill Inn and find the Elite Defias Scout behind it. Use stealth to get close and steal the rune without getting detected.
  • Dwarf and Gnome: To the North of Loch Mordan at Stonewrought Dam you'll find a chest on a platform.
  • Night Elf: In Darkshore you'll find an interactable pocket of dirt between the tree roots around the Auberdine Lighthouse.

How to Find Shiv Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head to Duskwood and steal from Defias Night Runners until you find the Engraved Gold Ring.
  • Equip the Ring and head on over to Raven Hill where you can /kneel in front of a stature in the courtyard to obtain the rune.

How to Find Main Gauche Rune in Season of Discovery

Horde + Alliance:

  • Head on over to Ratchet in Barrens talk to Grizzby and complete his quests.
  • Shredder Turbochargers have you obtain 16 Shredder Turbochargers by using the Shredder Autosalvage Unit on Venture Co. Shredders in the Stonetalon Mountains' Windshear Crag.
  • Dark Iron Ordinance asks you to head to Lock Mordan and loot 20 Dark Iron Ordinance off Dark Iron Dwarves and bring them back to Grizzby.
  • And Fish Oil asks you to slay murlocs in Hillsbrand or the Wetlands for 24 Fish Oil.
  • Once everything is turned in, you'll be able to purchase the Main Gauche Rune off Grizzby.

Rogue Runes

Rogue Runes Phase 1


  • Deadly Brew – Deadly Poison is applied on top of any other poison inflicted on a target.
  • Just a Flesh Wound – Physical damage is reduced by 20% as long as Blade Dance is active. You also have a reduced chance of getting critically hit by melee attacks and threat generation is increased. Feint is also replaced with Tease which allows Rogues to taunt targets.
  • Quick Draw – This lets you use your ranged weapon which slows down the target's movement speed by 50%.
  • Slaughter in the Shadows – The energy cost of Backstab and Ambush is reduced by 20.


  • Between the Eyes – Ranged finishing move that increases in damage and stun depending on combo points spent. Shares a cooldown timer with Kidney Shot.
  • Blade Dance – Increases your Parry chance depending on combo points spent.
  • Envenom – Finishing move that deals damage depending on Deadly Poison doses applied to the target.


  • Mutilate – Attacks with both weapons, damage is increased by 20% when hitting poisoned enemies. Awards 2 combo points.
  • Shadowstrike – Teleports you behind the target, deals 150% weapon damage, and awards 1 combo point. can only be used when stealthed.
  • Saber Slash – Deals 130% weapon damage and applies bleed to target which stacks up to 3 times. Awards 1 combo point.
  • Shiv – Attack instantly with your off-hand weapon with a 100% chance to apply poison. Awards 1 combo point.
  • Main Gauche – Attack with your off-hand and increase your parry chance for 10 seconds by 10%. Awards 1 combo point.

Rogue Runes Phase 2


  • Combat Potency: The player now has a 20% chance to gain 15 energy every time melee damage is health with their off-hand weapon.
  • Focused Attacks: 2 Energy is gained every time a melee or ranged critical strike lands.
  • Honor Among Thieves: If a player in the Rogues party lands a critical hit with an ability or spell, a combo point is added to the target. This effect can only trigger once per second.
  • Rolling with the Punches: Every time the Rogue performs a Dodge or Parry health is increased by 6%. This effect stacks up to 6 times.


  • Poisoned Knife: The Rogue throws their off-hand weapon to deal damage with a 100% chance to apply the poison it is equipped with and gain one combo point. This benefits all talents that affect or are triggered by Sinister Strike.
  • Shadowstep: The Rogue can reappear behind the enemy and their movement speed is increased by 70% for 3 seconds.
  • Shuriken Toss: The Rogue can throw a Shuriken that deals 25% of their Attack Power, strikes up to 4 additional enemies nearby, and awards 1 additional combo point.


  • Master of Subtlety: For 6 seconds after breaking stealth, attacks made now deal 10% additional damage.
  • Waylay: Successful Ambush and Backstab attacks unbalance the target. This increases the time between its attacks by 10% and reduces their movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds.

And that's it, for more on Runes check out our article here and for everything else, Season of Discovery stay tuned on ESTNN

Rogue Runes – WoW Season of Discovery
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