Robin Hood Sherwood Builders Gets First Core Update

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Robin Hood Sherwood Builders Gets First Core Update

Robin Hood Sherwood Builders update one is on the way, as the game moves through its post-release.

Sherwood Builders has been out for around a month now, and the game is set to get its first major update. We reviewed the title when it came out, “The major issues are with the voice acting, to the point where you wonder if it'd be a better game without it. Having played it more, it really breaks the flow of the plot”

Since release, the game has had a fairly steady player count, dropping to around 50 with a 24-hour peak of 170. The game had a solid start, however, peaking at 1,251 players. This update adds a number of new NPS, changes to combat, localization and a new voice for Friar Tuck. Like many titles that release now, Sherwood Builders is still a work in progress, but it's a game that has seemingly found an audience.

Robin Hood Sherwood Builders Update 1 Patch Notes

  • Increased Robin's combat responsiveness by unlocking more active attack skills from the start of the game, adjusting their progression, and by enabling regular attacks in situations when no special attack is yet unlocked,
  • Added a new strong attack for Robin that you can perform by holding down the normal attack input, which gives you an option from the start of the game to deliver a lot of damage at once, break the enemy's block, and potentially stun them. It is, however, slower and costs some extra Energy,
  • Added new friendly NPC to Robin's Village, with whom you can practice combat,
  • Added the item sort feature to containers,
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese localization,
  • Added the Sprint Mode setting to the start of the game, where you can choose to either toggle Robin's sprint or keep it active as long as the relevant input is pressed down. The Sprint Mode setting is still available in the Settings menu as previously.
  • Added gamma setting to the game's graphics settings,
  • Added the possibility to move the camera while placing buildings in the Village Builder,
  • Added extra instructions related to combat in Robin's house,
  • Added various adjustments for general audio improvement,
  • Added indicators to compass markers that inform you whether a given object or character is above or below Robin,
  • Added NPCs to Village buildings to liven the place up a little,
  • Friar Tuck has a brand new voice!
  • Rebalancing related to Repair Kit costs, attack skills, and some trader inventories (Wire has been added to hunter-type traders and Gypsum can now be bought from general-type traders and in Robin's Village),
  • Rebalancing related to maximum item durability, where all item's max durability has been greatly increased (current durability of already created items will be retained, so they will have to be repaired if needed),
  • Fixed bug related to the “Conquer Conisbrough Castle” quest, where it wouldn't be possible to progress the quest after leaving the convoy area. The convoy will now be available again when you return and you'll be able to finish the quest.
  • Fixed bug related to the experience progression bar in Robin's character screen not being displayed,
  • Fixed bug related to fog persisting after leaving the Nottingham area,
  • Fixed bug related to custom map marker disappearing when zooming map,
  • Various localization fixes,
  • Various small bugfixes related to glitches in locations and quest progression.
Robin Hood Sherwood Builders Gets First Core Update
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