RNG GALA After First MSI Loss: “We Need To Do What The Composition Needs Us To Do”

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RNG GALA After First MSI Loss: “We Need To Do What The Composition Needs Us To Do”

ESTNN had the opportunity to talk to the RNG’s prime ADC Chen “GALA” Wei after they lost the first match in the tournament

Nobody is going undefeated at MSI 2021! LPL representatives Royal Never Give Up had a fantastic show in the tournament so far but dropped one match to PSG.Talon, who went on to defeat the likes of MAD Lions and make a strong contender for the MSI playoffs. GALA has been phenomenal in MSI with several outplays to his name and he is looking to win it all.

Bit of an average day today, GALA. How are you feeling about RNG’s performance today?

All I wanted to say is … We didn’t perform well today.

As you mentioned, RNG was undefeated so far in the MSI until today. But, many top-tier teams have been struggling to adapt to the current meta. Do you think your team adapted to the meta sooner than other teams and is it one of the reasons why you are doing so well in the MSI?

I think every team is still figuring out what’s best for the current meta. Maybe after the Rumble Stage, the understanding of each team [will] be the same.

That brings me to my next question. In a lot of these matches in the Rumble Stage, RNG has been very close to being defeated. Most of these matches have specifically targeted the bot lane to slow down RNG’s transition to the late game. Have you considered this before coming to MSI?

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Not really. I wanted to say that we mostly play around the drafts that we have. So we need to do what the composition needs us to do.

Right. Going back to the LPL, RNG sort of showcased a lot of potency in late-game drafts and they weren’t that aggressive in the early game. But coming to MSI, the team has been very aggressive with their fights in the Group Stage. How do you feel about the overall mix of play styles that RNG has showcased so far?

In the early game, I think yeah we play kind of aggressively as you have mentioned. For the mid-game, we will pay more attention to Heralds, objectives on the map and try to have less team fights.

RNG has a great history in League of Legends esports, especially with Uzi leading the charge of the team in the international tournaments. You have filled his spot brilliantly as evident by your performances both in the LPL and MSI so far. How do you personally feel about your performance in the RNG squad?

It was just decent, I will say. I will try my best to perform in this MSI!

I see. So a bit of a hiccup today, but I’m sure you’ll be one of the top teams in the MSI this year. If you had to pick an opponent for yourself in the MSI finals, who would you pick?

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I am going to go with DAMWON KIA.

That’d be a match to watch! Any last words for the fans?

Thanks for the support and we will have a very good preview of the matchups that we had and try to win the upcoming matches.

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