Rise Of The Ronin Vs Ghost Of Tsushima – Comparison And Analysis

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Rise Of The Ronin Vs Ghost Of Tsushima – Comparison And Analysis

Rise of the Ronin will be one of the new hot games in March 2024, but is it worth it? Let’s compare it to the Ghost of Tsushima.

There are a lot of iconic PS4 games, but some of them, such as the Ghost of Tsushima, will go down in history. The Sony-exclusive title has fans from all over the world, so it’s no surprise that some people believe it is one of the games like Rise of the Ronin. The latter is going to be one of the hottest games in March 2024.

As of today, there is no information about a potential sequel to the Ghost of Tsushima game, but it seems like fans demand more Samurai games. This is where Rise of the Ronin comes into play, and it has everything needed to become the go-to game in this genre for Sony.  With that said, let’s see the Rise of the Rinin vs Ghost of Tsushima comparison and learn more about both titles.

Rise Of The Ronin Vs Ghost Of Tsushima – The Essentials

Ghost of Tsushima is one of those games that players kept coming back to even after playing for a while. The game’s amazing visual effects, great voice acting, and intriguing gameplay made it one of the best PS4 games in a while. 

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With that said, Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best adventure PS4 games, but it is in serious trouble because of the Rise of the Ronin. The latter is also an action-adventure game that is inspired by history, but it also has a lot of unique elements that make it stand out.

If you learn more about one of the hottest upcoming games, you will see that Rise of the Ronin is a game where the action takes place around the 1800s. In other words, this is at least a century and a half after the events in Ghost of Tsushima. What this means is that the game offers “tech” and other elements that were not available in the previous game. 

You can use different tools, such as grappling hooks, guns, and other firearms, and secure an advantage. Of course, the design of the in-game world is also different so that it can fit into the era on which the game is based on.

Ghost of Tsushima vs Rise of the Rinin – A different approach from the devs

Another thing that we need to mention in the Ghost of Tsushima vs Rise of the Roinin debate is the different approach of the the devs. Ronin will be one of the third-person action games where you will have a lot of intense combat. This will resemble Team Ninja’s other games, such as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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If you compare Ghost of Tsushima’s playstyle, you will find big differences. This title is not that combat-intensive because you have a different approach. Some people like that more, whereas others will prefer the Rise Of The Ronin’s more active style.

So, can Rise of the Rinin Replace Ghost of Tsushima as the new go-to Samurai-style game?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Fans eagerly await March 22, which is when Rise of the Ronin will be released on PlayStation. The game will offer a slightly different experience and a lot of users think it will be enough to place this title. However, others do not think this will happen.

In the Rise of the Ronin vs Ghost of Tsushima debate, people who have played the latter think it will continue dominating. The entire approach to the game is different because it focuses on storytelling. Furthermore, the graphics, animations, and a few other things are much better. 

Sure, we do not know what Rise of the Ronin will offer us yet (even though we have seen trailers and footage), but people familiar with Team Ninja know that they do not have that much attention to detail. In other words, the game may not feel as refined and attractive as Ghost of Tsushima.

Make sure to follow us for more information about this amazing game. Also, as mentioned, remember to mark March 22 on your calendar because this is when you’ll have the chance to try the game.

Rise Of The Ronin Vs Ghost Of Tsushima – Comparison And Analysis
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