League of Legends: Riot Reveals More Info Upcoming Skins, Events and Eternals

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League of Legends: Riot Reveals More Info Upcoming Skins, Events and Eternals

The League of Legends game and universe are about to get even bigger, as Riot Games releases more information about skins, events and Eternals in their latest Dev Video.

First of all, Riot is committing themselves to try and produce 120 champion skins this year. That's 40 more than last year, which is a stark increase but does allow them to do something important. Having this many skins will allow them to give some to the champions that haven't received one in a long time. They've promised sixteen champions in total will get skins, including Ornn, Bard, Mordekaiser and Skarner. Of course, the most popular champions will get their share of skins too.

Additionally, new creative thematics will be a focus for 2020. They'll be reimaging old skin lines and bringing new ones too! Their first one of the year, Mecha Kingdoms, is already live today.

Events, Eternals and More

On the topic of events, Riot Games said that they want to have game modes for each unique event. Along with this, they will reduce the grind necessary to get limited-time rewards from events. This will be a very welcome change, as it was difficult for people with busy lives to save up enough tokens to purchase big-ticket items like prestige skins.

Finally, the video touches on Eternals. These were quite controversial when announced, but a variety of concerns were addressed. For example, their starter series for each champion will be available to buy through Blue Essence or RP. They're also changing some champions' Eternals to better express their skill and focus on the unique parts of their kit or playstyle. Their notable example was an Eternal to track how many skillshots a Vladimir player dodged with his Sanguine Pool (W). Lastly, players will be able to disable Eternal animations in-game.

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To end the video, there is a teaser that the company isn't ready to “show” yet, but are hoping to “announce” more about soon. In all likelihood, this teaser will turn out to be custom announcer packs, which is something that games like Dota 2 do and have been long called for by the LoL community.

Overall, this week of announcements is setting the stage for a fantastic 2020. Riot Games is addressing many of the concerns of the community and providing a great deal of high-quality content for fans of all sorts. It's a fantastic way to start the new decade!

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