Riot Promises More Communication in the Future Amidst the Cinematic Backlash

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Riot Promises More Communication in the Future Amidst the Cinematic Backlash

Riot says they will provide more details about their 2023 plans in the next couple of days.

The League of Legends community is notoriously hard to please, and they don’t tend to bite back on their criticism towards Riot when the company deserves it. This attitude was showing full force after Riot released their Season 2023 Cinematic The Brink of Infinity earlier today. The cinematic itself didn’t manage to deliver on the players’ expectations for what is supposed to be the celebratory video for the whole ranked season.

This was especially apparent when the dislikes on the video were viewed. In just a little over an hour and 500K views, The Brink of Infinity got 8K dislikes on Youtube, while 2022 cinematic The Call had reached that number after 140M views.

With the community already frustrated with the perceived lack of content during the preseason, lack of communications about future plans and with other Riot franchises seemingly getting a lot more attention, people started to complain about how the dev team stopped caring about the game. Rioters like Ryan ‘Reav3' Mireles commented on posts on Reddit by saying “words won't change how people feel, and certainly this random reddit response won't either. The only thing that will change peoples opinion is when we ship content.” Mireles also tried to explain how COVID hit the company hard, making the resources scarce.

Still, this didn’t cool the players down. After many complaint messages on Twitter and Reddit, the official League of Legends account made a Twitter thread addressing the concerns. The message said that there were some unprecedented circumstances during the year, and they had to take an alternative approach.

The statement read “But we’ve heard your feedback, and we want to acknowledge Brink of Infinity missed the mark for the action-packed, champion-led trailer you expected and has led to further speculation about our investment in League. Honestly, we should have been more communicative, which might have helped with some of that feeling and speculation. We do believe that League has a bright future and we are investing in that, but we can do a better job of sharing those plans with you.”

They ended by promising some updates about their upcoming season and their investments for the year in the coming days.

LoL Season 2023 for ranked is starting today with patch 13.1 going live in a couple of hours.

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Riot Promises More Communication in the Future Amidst the Cinematic Backlash
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