Riot Games Unveils the Next Stage of TFT Esports With the Global LAN Event in Las Vegas

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Riot Games Unveils the Next Stage of TFT Esports With the Global LAN Event in Las Vegas

Riot Games takes Teamfight Tactics esports to new heights with the announcement of a groundbreaking global LAN event in Las Vegas, signaling a major shift in the competitive landscape.

In a groundbreaking announcement, Riot Games, the renowned developer behind League of Legends, revealed plans for a momentous expansion of their Teamfight Tactics (TFT) esports ecosystem. After four years of captivating gameplay, Riot Games has recognized the distinctive nature of TFT as an individual performance-based game that fosters a culture of experimentation and strategic composition. To celebrate this unique aspect and promote inclusivity, Riot Games will be organizing the first-ever global LAN event for TFT esports, slated to take place from December 8th to 10th, 2023, at the prestigious MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

TFT Set10 Announcement Location
TFT Global LAN Event will take place on December 8-10, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Image via Riot Games

The TFT Global LAN event will mark a significant milestone for the TFT community, offering tacticians from around the world the extraordinary opportunity to compete in person. Unlike previous Set Championships, this event will center around players' ability to swiftly adapt to the gameplay dynamics of the upcoming Set 10, which promises to be the most innovative set to date. Rather than focusing solely on mastery of a single set, the competition will challenge players to excel in a rapidly evolving meta, showcasing their strategic prowess and adaptability.

To ensure an inclusive experience, Riot Games will introduce an open bracket format, with a staggering 512 spots available for aspiring competitors. Whether they are established professional players, content creators or passionate TFT enthusiasts, individuals from diverse backgrounds and locations will have the chance to compete among the best tacticians worldwide. While specific details on how to obtain competitor passes are yet to be released, Riot Games plans to allocate competitor passes based partially on Set 9 ladder rankings, offering an additional incentive for players to aim high and climb the ladder.

Michael Sherman, Global Head of TFT, expressed his excitement about the future of TFT esports in an interview with Esports News UK, emphasizing the desire to create an approachable and skill-diverse environment. He stated, “We want the future of TFT esports to embody approachability and diversity of skill. To achieve this, we are expanding our esports events and opening more of them to anyone who wants to compete.” Sherman further explained that the global LAN event in Las Vegas is just the initial step toward realizing this vision.

Next evolution of TFT Esports

By venturing into the realm of open bracket tournaments, Riot Games aims to revolutionize competitive TFT and engage the game's extensive player base. With over 80 million monthly active users, TFT has emerged as Riot's second most played game, necessitating an evolution of its esports program to captivate viewers and offer more accessible entry points for participation.

The TFT Global LAN event aligns perfectly with the launch of Set 10, enabling Riot Games to seize the peak excitement and engagement of the TFT community. The tournament's timing is a deliberate departure from previous championships, which often occurred toward the end of a set's lifespan. By shifting the event to coincide with the set's launch, Riot Games aims to increase the interest and enthusiasm among players and viewers alike.

The tournament's format and focus also depart from previous events. Rather than assessing players' piloting skills within an established meta, this open bracket tournament will celebrate innovation and design within the TFT community. Michael Sherman explained, “This event will test your ability to create the meta as opposed to playing into it.” With a cutthroat format designed to accommodate a large number of players within a limited timeframe, the event promises intense competition and rapid strategic adaptation.

In addition to promoting competitive gameplay, the TFT Global LAN event aims to foster a sense of community celebration. Riot Games plans to create an immersive experience for both in-person attendees and spectators, offering meet and greets with creators and developers, along with programming for live spectators. Brand partners will have unique opportunities to engage with fans at the venue, complemented by in-game and broadcast integrations.

Fans can stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates regarding TFT and the upcoming LAN event by following Riot Games' official channels on Twitter (@TFT) and Twitch. The official TFT website will also provide comprehensive information and insights into the game's evolving esports landscape.

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Riot Games Unveils the Next Stage of TFT Esports With the Global LAN Event in Las Vegas
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