Riot Games Reveals Dates and Format for the 2023 LEC Summer Split and Season Finals

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Riot Games Reveals Dates and Format for the 2023 LEC Summer Split and Season Finals

Riot Games has unveiled the schedule and details for the highly anticipated 2023 LEC Summer Split and Season Finals, promising an exciting season of competitive League of Legends action in Europe.

Riot Games has released the schedule for the upcoming 2023 LEC Summer Split. The third split of the 2023 Season is set to take place from June 17 to July 30. Summer Split will be followed by the 2023 LEC Season Finals which will be the culmination of the entire season and will determine the LEC representatives for Worlds 2023. Season Finals will be held at Sud de France Arena in Montpellier, France, from August 19 to September 10.

The 2023 LEC Summer Split will once again start later than the other major regions and will take multiple breaks in the middle such as the first week of July when Riot observes its usual Mid-Year Break. Late start and the constant break during splits had drawn a lot of community criticism in the past, especially for Spring as the late finish meant European teams had less time to get ready for MSI compared to their opponents. 

While the complete schedule for the Summer Split is yet to be confirmed, the format will stay the same and follow the previous two splits. It will begin with a single round-robin involving all 10 teams where two bottom teams are eliminated, followed by the Group Stage and ultimately the Summer Playoffs.

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The LEC Season Finals, which occur after the Summer Playoffs, will determine the participants for the Worlds. The top six teams will compete for three World seeds and a spot in the Worlds Qualifying Series, a new event that will bring LCS and LEC fourth seeds face to face.

MAD Lions and G2 Esports have already secured their spots in the Season Finals by winning the Spring and Winter Splits, respectively. The champions of the Summer Split will also earn a spot, while the remaining three teams will be determined based on the championship points accumulated throughout the year.

lec championship points
Current championship points of each team and the distribution of championship points by split, Image via Leaguepedia

Riot also gave more information about the ticket sales for the Summer Split. Tickets for the 2023 LEC Summer Split will go on sale on May 26 at 5 pm CEST through the official LoL Esports website. These tickets are specifically for matches held at the LEC Studio in Berlin and will be priced at €12, available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no further information about the ticket sale for the Season Finals which will be the only road show for the LEC in the 2023 Season yet.

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Riot Games Reveals Dates and Format for the 2023 LEC Summer Split and Season Finals
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