Riot Games Introduces Exciting LoL Ranked Changes for the Mid-Season

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Riot Games Introduces Exciting LoL Ranked Changes for the Mid-Season

Massive LoL ranked changes for the mid-season with the introduction of a new rank, no more promo series and fewer placement games.

In a recent dev blog, Riot Games unveiled a series of significant changes that will enhance the ranked experience for players. These changes aim to improve the ranked experience, provide a more balanced rank distribution and ensure that high ranks retain their exclusivity and prestige. The new changes will arrive after the new mid-season break on July 17.

Emeral will be the first new rank added to League since Grandmaster in 2018

One of the key changes coming to League of Legends is the introduction of a brand new rank called “Emerald,” which will sit between the Platinum and Diamond ranks. This addition aims to address the imbalance in rank distribution, which has historically skewed toward lower tiers. According to Head of League Studio Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, the majority of the ranked player base is either Silver or below, with only a small portion above Gold 4. By creating the Emerald rank, Riot Games aims to create a more even distribution of players across the various ranks, bringing League of Legends more in line with other competitive games.

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Emerald rank icon, via Riot Games

To ensure a smoother journey through the ranks, Riot Games will be bidding farewell to promotional series. Rather than being stuck in these series games, players will now be able to advance directly to the next rank as soon as they accumulate enough LP. This alteration addresses the long-standing frustrations expressed by players, who often felt that the promotion series caused unnecessary delays and hindered their progress. Removing promotion series was something Riot implemented in Teamfight Tactics with a lot of positive feedback from the players.

Additionally, the number of placement games required to determine initial rank will be reduced from 10 to 5. This adjustment aims to expedite the placement process, allowing players to determine their starting rank more swiftly. It will also save players’ time, particularly those who have already played their 10 placement games during the first split of the season.

Riot Games also acknowledged the recent concerns among high elo players about the increasing number of players in Masters+ and how these Apex tiers are somewhat becoming bloated. The dev blog article ensured that nothing about how those ranks are distributed will change, and the new Emerald rank is to help with the possible inflation in Diamond and preserve the exclusivity of the highest ranks.

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Image via Riot Games

These changes are part of Riot Games' ongoing efforts to improve the ranked experience, ensure a more fair and balanced distribution of players across the ranks and maintain the integrity of the ladder. The adjustments will go live at the start of Split 2, following the conclusion of Split 1.

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As the first split of the 2023 Season comes to a close on Monday, July 17, players can expect the new LoL ranked changes as Split 2 commences shortly after on July 19.

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