League of Legends: Riot Games Holds In-Game COVID-19 Charity Fundraiser

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League of Legends: Riot Games Holds In-Game COVID-19 Charity Fundraiser

Riot Games is taking more steps to contribute to the fight against COVID.

Today, Riot Games announced a new, limited-time event for League of Legends players. From today until July 23 at 1 pm PT, all proceeds from the sales of certain in-game items will be donated to support frontline healthcare workers. There are a bunch of cool items players can buy to help give back. They all revolve around the nurse/doctor skin line with Shen, Kennen and Akali.

riot games covid relief fundraiser

As pictured above, the three skins will be accompanied by unique icons and have new chromas too. For those who want everything, there will be bundles with all of these for each champion specifically and a “Megadonor bundle” that has everything from the event and an exclusive icon. Plus, there's the new “Akali with Love!” emote, and its way too cute to pass up on. So make sure you don't! As these event items will be removed from the store at the end of the event and only “may” return in the Gemstone shop down the line.

As mentioned before, all proceeds from these sales will be put to good use. They will go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, then be distributed from there to support pandemic relief. Proceeds will help both frontline healthcare workers get the resources they need and to families in need who have been impacted by the virus.

A few weeks ago, Riot Games put on the Mid-Season Streamathon and raised over $630,000 for COVID relief. Overall the company has donated over $4.5 million to pandemic relief globally and continues to help players and broader communities alike. In today's world, it's a great thing to see.

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