League Of Legends: Riot Games Partners With Mastercard For MSS Auction To Raise COVID Relief Funds

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League Of Legends: Riot Games Partners With Mastercard For MSS Auction To Raise COVID Relief Funds

Close partners Riot Games and Mastercard are working to fight COVID-19.

The Mid-Season Streamathon kicked off today, and at the start of the broadcast, Riot Games announced the MSS auction. The goal of this auction, and the whole streamathon, is to raise money for COVID-19 relief. The auction has a variety of items and unique experiences people can buy that are exciting for any LoL fan.

Some of the things people can buy are pretty straightforward. Legacy skins and RP bundles are there, but that's definitely not the main draw. A variety of Riot Games employees and iconic scene members are auctioning off their time to connect with lucky fans. For example, James “Dash” Patterson and Trevor “Quickshot” Henry have offers on there to talk with them and play some games together. Fans can also try for virtual tours of the Riot Games HQ, LEC studio and CBLoL studio. A last noteworthy thing is an original League of Legends game server from the beta launch in 2009. There's a lot of amazing things to keep an eye on!

The Mid-Season Streamathon is taking place all this weekend and is this year's replacement to the canceled Mid-Season Invitational. Though this would have been an incredible event, fans and players will have to wait for Worlds to see the intense international competition. In the meantime, there are show matches aplenty this weekend from every region to get fans hyped for their respective Summer Splits. If that's not enough, the LCK vs LPL Mid-Season Cup is ongoing and is exciting indeed!

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To watch the MSS live, visit the LoL Esports YouTube channel or Riot Games Twitch channel.

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