Riot Executives Address the Recent Backlash and Apologize From the LoL Community

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Riot Executives Address the Recent Backlash and Apologize From the LoL Community

Riot released a statement on the recent controversy about the LoL Season 2023 cinematic and more.

It has been a rough couple of days for Riot and the devs. The LoL community has been up and arms recently as their frustrations with Riot reached a boiling point with the release of the LoL Season 2023 cinematic, The Brink of Infinity. The cinematic didn’t meet the expectations of players, which was a champion-focused celebration of the new season. This especially showed when the cinematic reached 8K dislikes on Youtube in just an hour, a feat that took the previous year’s cinematic 140M views.

Although the problem isn’t just about the cinematic either. The community had a lot of problems with the current state of LoL and Riot’s commitment to the game. The dev team already said they would address the players’ concerns in a Twitter thread, and today they released their follow-up video. In the new Twitter message, Jeremy ‘Brightmoon' Lee, Executive Producer of League of Legends, and Andrei ‘Meddler' van Roon, Senior Vice President and Studio Head of League Studio, talk about the recent developments with the LoL team and what players should expect going forward. Lee also apologized to the player base by saying, “….the season start is supposed to be a hype moment we are all looking forward to, and frankly, we missed on your expectations there.”

A new game mode coming to League of Legends in the Summer

According to Lee and van Roon, a lot of the recent problems with the League of Legends had to do with staffing problems in 2022, probably an extension of the pandemic. But they also admitted not everything was due to lack of staff, as they had everything in place for a better cinematic, but still failed to deliver. To remedy the situation, they committed to doing it right for next year.

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Another, and maybe a bigger, problem with LoL, according to players online, is the lack of events or, more specifically, game modes. A significant portion of the people have been asking for more diversity when it comes to rotating game modes in League as the old modes such as Twisted Treeline and Dominion, even the more recent Nexus Blitz, aren’t in the game anymore. The reason for this is the team handling these modes was the foundation of the TFT team, which is now solely focused on it as a separate game, per van Roon.

But apparently, 2023 will be the year for players wanting new game modes, as the new team is functional and already working. They even have a prototype for a new game mode, which Lee described as “really promising and something that we are hoping to get out to all of you sometime this Summer.” This new mode is planned as four teams of two battling in a deathmatch format where they level up and by items between rounds, the last team standing wins. While still early in development, we can apparently expect more information on it by March.

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Riot Executives Address the Recent Backlash and Apologize From the LoL Community
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