Remnant 2: What Do People Think About It After a Month?

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Remnant 2: What Do People Think About It After a Month?

Remnant 2 (here our review) was released last month on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S and received good ratings from the press. But what do the players think? In this article, we have collected some opinions on the game, asking which aspects they like and which ones would need some tweaking.

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Let's start by reporting what is considered, more or less unanimously, the positive aspects of the game. One of the first things that was mentioned by users is the UI. In fact, many said they were happy that the developers took into consideration the fact of improving that of the first game. From this point of view, one of the critical points of Remnant from the Ashes was the fact that things were organized in “lists” and not with a classic grid, which made the consultation of objects more complicated. Some have reported that there may still be some small improvements in this regard, but nonetheless, they are satisfied.

As a result, another thing that has been significantly improved compared to the previous chapter is the map. Although still unclear in some sections of the game, its implementation has certainly made giant leaps compared to what was seen in the first chapter. In fact, many had complained about this aspect, but fortunately, the developers listened to the feedback from the community and decided to implement a map that is easier to consult in Remnant 2.

Many users then reiterated how Gunfire Games' choice to continue along the lines of the first chapter and therefore to re-propose a procedurally generated experience proved to be a very good choice. In fact, the game, as well as structured, allows to guarantee players a high replayability, thanks also to the presence of the two storylines present in the game, another aspect that has left a smile on the faces of the players. In principle, we can say that the general structure of the game is liked and that it does not present major problems.

Still, on the subject of game structure and the like, many players have highlighted the fact that Remnant 2 is a very good game from the point of view of game design and enemies. If you've played the game before, you surely know that the world of Remnant 2 is well-crafted and visually striking, with different worlds managing to create a sense of fascination within the players. Same thing with enemy design. They too turn out to be well created.

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Another aspect that has made players happy is the addition of new mods, skills, and weapons. Compared to the first chapter, in fact, Remnant 2 offers a greater selection of these objects and therefore guarantees players greater variety in terms of gameplay and way of playing. If, for example, you realize that the weapon you have is not to your liking, you can choose from many others in the game, the same goes for mods and skills.

The fact of the presence of a system of archetypes revisited by the developers is connected to what we have just said. Also, in the first chapter, it was possible to choose between different archetypes but, in addition to having a more restricted choice, there was not even the possibility of choosing a second archetype, so there was a more binding choice. In the second chapter, however, the developers have decided to give more space to the users' imagination by adding more archetypes to choose from (even if they will be unlocked during the adventure, not all of them will be available at the beginning) and also adding the possibility of choose a second archetype. This addition is perhaps one of the most interesting, as it guarantees the player greater freedom in the way they play, being able to create a character that has characteristics of two completely different archetypes, in order to create the perfect build.

Lastly, we left the puzzles. We insert it as the last point among the positive things because, although many have liked this addition of puzzles present in the game, there are also players who have found them too complex and with unclear answers. Consequently, it is an aspect that divides the community a bit and therefore acts as a link between the positive and negative aspects of Remnant 2.

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One of the most mentioned critical issues is undoubtedly that of the traits cap. Many have complained that Gunfire Games has not introduced an unlimited trait system in the game, so as not to limit players in any way. even for this aspect, however, there are those who did not agree and said they were satisfied with what the development team thought. In short, this aspect is also one of those that has not unanimously agreed with the community, but there are different positions and thoughts on the matter.

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Among the positive things, we mentioned how the new management of the UI and therefore also of the inventory was appreciated by the players, but there are those who would have liked a few more features and who have found some small problems to solve. One above all is that of adding a research key to the inventory. In Remnant 2, in fact, you will collect many objects which will then be kept in your inventory, as in any other game. In this regard, there are some users who have made this “request” for the possibility of being able to search for items in the inventory, in order to ensure faster and more effective consultation.

Another aspect that had been highlighted as positive was the fact of being faced with a game structured in a procedural way, where almost everything is random and which therefore offers great replay value. On the other hand, however, there are those who, even if they like this structure, would have preferred that the team had added a mechanic that made it possible to change the rewards once they had already been acquired. The objects to find in Remnant 2 are many, but when you have found almost everything, the last remaining things could give you a hard time and the process could become frustrating. For this reason, adding such a mechanic could solve this problem.

Finally, as a marginal aspect, there are some users who have expressed the opinion that having more emotes available would have been a welcome thing. To date, Remnant 2 does not offer much choice from this point of view, and there are those who would have liked it to be the other way around, so the addition of new emotes would be welcomed by part of the community.

In conclusion, there are also those who cited the multiplayer aspect of the game as a negative aspect as there are several problems with the game's coop. However, the development team has repeatedly said that it is working to solve this problem, which has already been partially improved with recent patches. For this reason, we have not decided to include it among the negative aspects, but for fairness and completeness, we still wanted to tell you about it, always keeping in mind that Gunfire Games is aware of the problems affecting the coop and is doing everything possible to resolve them.

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Remnant 2: What Do People Think About It After a Month?
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