Remnant 2 New Features Explained

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Remnant 2 New Features Explained

Remnant 2 is a game that really challenges the players. Set in a devastated world, to be pruned to the end, it needs a mix between strategy and frenzy, alternating phases in which you fight at medium-long distance using weapons and phases in which, instead, a closer approach is recommended. The game can be played both solo and with the help of up to two other people, which could be of great help in certain areas of the game. In this regard, we remind you that each playthrough will be different from the previous one as everything is created randomly: locations, enemies, bosses, NPCs, and weapons will never be the same. This feature allows for more dynamics and guarantees high replayability of the game.

These are only the general features present in Remnant 2 and which are the point of contact with its predecessor, Remnant from the Ashes. As explained by the developers themselves, however, the game offers new features that will make the gaming experience even more engaging, even for those who have not had the opportunity to play the first title, even if it is definitely recommended to do so, as we have explained in detail here. In this article, however, we will focus on talking about the Remnant 2 new features so that you can be ready once the game is released on the market on July 25.

Remnant 2 new features will make the game more engaging

In Remnant 2, Gunfire Games has implemented a new mechanic regarding the character health, called the gray health system. When hit in combat, half of the damage taken will turn into gray health. This means that players will be able to recover that portion of health naturally over time, or by making use of specific builds that benefit from this new health system.

In addition to this new health bar mechanic, players will no longer have to worry about losing stamina when not in combat moments. In the first chapter, even when you weren't fighting but were dedicating yourself to exploration, you had to dose your character's stamina well; in Remnant 2 this game dynamic has been eliminated, thus also favoring the exploration phase of the game, as well as the one purely focused on combat. Also, this will give players a little more leeway in thinking about where to spend their traits points, in order to benefit the most from your character and how you play.

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Another important thing to mention is the fact that the development team wanted to give a greater focus on the presence of melee weapons. This means that in Remnant 2 players will be able to benefit from melee playstyles in a greater way than in its predecessor. Furthermore, in addition to the addition of new melee weapons, Gunfire Games has improved the entire experience linked to melee playstyles thanks to the addition of new melee types, melee attack animations, as well as thanks to the presence of traits dedicated to this aspect that allow to shape the different archetypes in the best possible way.

Changes have also been made to boss fights. In this new chapter, the focus of the boss fights will be the skills of each player who will have to be able to adopt the right strategy to be able to defeat the boss that will appear in front of him. This translates into the fact that the presence of mobs in the sections where you have to fight bosses has been greatly limited, just to allow players to focus better on them and show off all their skills.

Improvements have also been made regarding weapons in general. In Remnant 2 there are many more revamped weapons for players to choose from, in addition to all those that can be discovered by scouring the various locations present in the game. This allows you to choose from a greater variety of weapons and, consequently, to adopt the style of play that best suits your needs and skills.

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Speaking of locations, Remnant 2 will provide players with different worlds and places to visit, explore and defend during the adventure. In addition to the presence of places that players have already been able to get to know during the story told in the first chapter, such as Yaesha and World 13, there are also other new worlds with new challenges that players will have to explore. Each of these worlds features different enemies, bosses, NPCs, weapons, and items that will not be found elsewhere.

Another extremely important thing to say is the fact that in Remnant 2 there will be a different progression of archetypes. As we explained in this article where we talked about all the classes present in Remnant 2, the game offers an expanded archetype system compared to its predecessor which guarantees players passive powers and bonuses which will prove to be very useful in battle and which they will allow players to shape their own style of play as it is best for them.

Finally, Remnant 2 will boast an even higher replay value than Remnant from the Ashes, thanks to the presence of more locations, enemies, bosses, weapons, and objects that the developers have decided to create specifically for this adventure. The fact that the areas are generated dynamically, as we have already said at the beginning of this article, are a determining factor for the replay value of the game. No playthrough will ever be the same, so this leaves plenty of room for players to want to face the pitfalls that lurk around every corner of the game world over and over again.

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