Remnant 2 Explorer Armor Bug: How to Fix it

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Remnant 2 Explorer Armor Bug: How to Fix it

Once the main campaign has been completed at least once, the Explorer armor set is one of the rewards that can be obtained. Unfortunately, however, in the current state of the game, there is a bug that prevents you from obtaining this armor set. In this case, once you have gone to Whispers in Ward 13, this armor does not appear in stock to be purchased. For this reason, therefore, we have decided to create this article in which we explain some solutions that you can adopt to solve this Remnant 2 Explorer armor bug and be able to get this armor.

Remnant 2 Explorer armor bug and how to fix it

In addition to aesthetic and/or stats issues of your character, the Remnant 2 Explorer armor is useful for unlocking the Archon archetype, as explained in detail in our guide. For this reason, therefore, not being able to acquire this armor set can be very frustrating, especially for those who intended to unlock the Archon and try the game as this class. However, don't worry, because there are some solutions you can follow to try to fix this problem and get your Remnant 2 Explorer armor.

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Solution 1: Offline mode

First of all, the first thing we advise you to do is to go into offline mode. To do this, simply go to the game menu and set the offline mode. This way, no one will be able to join your game. Once you're sure you're in offline mode, try visiting Whisper again to see if he has the Explorer armor in stock. This is the quickest fix, although not the most effective one because many have failed to solve the problem this way.

Solution 2: Keep playing the game

For this reason, the second solution that we propose is to continue playing the game. It may seem strange, but many users, just by advancing in the story, have been able to unlock items and gear that the game should have previously unlocked in a random way. So, simply continue through the main story and visit Whisper often to see if the Explorer armor has become available or not.

Solution 3: Create an Explorer character

Another solution that several users have found useful is to create an Explorer character. Since this class defaults to this type of armor set, users have reported that only creating a new character and then switching back to their old character have been able to fix the issue. The reason is not yet clear, but it seems that this solution, for some reason, is able to make the Explorer armor appear in the Whisper shop. If the previous two solutions did not solve the problem, we invite you to try this solution.

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Solution 4: Restart the campaign

Restarting the campaign is the most drastic of the solutions we propose. While it's not the fastest or most efficient to implement, some players have reported that restarting the campaign from the beginning was able to fix this annoying issue. Obviously, if you decide to restart the campaign, we advise you to leave all the secondary and optional arias and go straight to the main story, in order to spend as little time as possible.

Solution 5: Wait for a patch

If none of the solutions that we have proposed works for you, the only thing left to do to remedy this problem is to wait for a resolution patch. In response to one of the many trends on Reddit, one of the developers of Remnant 2 stated that the team is aware of this bug and is working to fix it. Furthermore, he also anticipated that the fix will be available immediately with the next patch as soon as it is ready to be released. Consequently, therefore, we just have to wait for Gunfire Games to publish the patch to definitively (hopefully) solve this problem that is afflicting several players.

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Remnant 2 Explorer Armor Bug: How to Fix it
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