Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher: How to Get it

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Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher: How to Get it

The Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher is a melee weapon that players can acquire during their adventure. Since it is a very important weapon and it allows you to get many consumables that are essential to obtain items, as we explained in our Remnant 2 Nimue crafting items guide, we decided to create this article in which we explain in detail how to get this weapon and what are its uses.

Remnant 2 how to get the Dreamcatcher

The first thing to do to get the Dreamcatcher is to roll the Adventure Mode until a version of the Losomn world appears in which the Asylum is the main scenario. In case you didn't know, this area is based on investigating the Asylum in Morrow Parish. To know if you've rolled the right version of this world, all you need is to know that you have Morrow Parish as your first area when you visit Losomn. If this is not the case, you will have to re-roll the campaign or Adventure Mode until this is the first area in the game.

Once you've managed to get the scenario right, all you have to do is to follow the main objectives until you get to the Asylum. Also, keep in mind that, before arriving at this location, you will need to have the Nightweaver Stone Doll, an essential item without which you cannot get the Dreamcatcher. If you don't know how to do it, we advise you to follow these steps:

  • Pick up the Stone-carved Doll from the room on the Asylum's main level that is opposite the office holding the Morrow Parish safe
  • Pick up the Asylum Third Floor Key from the shed in the Asylum's courtyard
  • Gather the Stone-Carved Doll that is lying on the ground close to the shed
  • Collect the Stoned-Carved Doll that is on the Asylum's third floor, on the ground near the door to the main objective
  • The third story balcony of the Asylum is accessible by climbing through a window next to the sizable hole in the floor. Collect the Prison Cell Key there
  • Enter the basement of the asylum, interact with the cell door, and click “I have something for you”
  • Select “Give Doll,” listen to woman's song, and then unlock the door to find the Nightweaver Stone Doll on the ground
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remnant 2 prison cellar key

Once you have followed the steps described above and obtained the Nightweaver Stone Doll, you can continue to follow the main objectives that the game suggests. If you follow these objectives, you will find yourself at the Shattered Gallery, where you will find the Soulkey Tribute quest item near the exit map. This item is important because it can be used on the web in the basement of the Asylum to open a portal to the Tormented Asylum.

Near the checkpoint in this area, there are many cells, and one of them has a big web inside. If you interact with the aforementioned web, the quest item menu will appear and as soon as you insert the Nightweaver Stone Doll into it, the Dreamcatcher weapon will appear and be ready to be equipped and used. In this regard, since this weapon is extremely important and can be used for different things, in this guide we will also talk about its uses in detail.

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher: How to use it

As we have already said at the beginning of this article, the Dreamcatcher is not a weapon that can be used only for combat but has several uses. Some NPCs, in fact, require the player to be in possession of this weapon to unlock unique items. Below is a list of the various uses of the Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher:

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Crescent Moon bow

One of the main uses of this weapon is to be able to unlock the Crescent Moon bow. To do this, all you have to do is go to Nimue in Nimue's Retreat in Losomn and hit the NPC with this weapon while she is sleeping. This will transport you to a dream realm where you will find Anamy's Echo which will allow you to craft the Crescent Moon bow from McCabe in Ward 13.

remnant 2 crescent moon bow

Familiar weapon mod

To get this mod, all you have to do is hit the boss the Huntress with your Dreamcatcher when he is asleep. This will allow you to obtain the Huntress's Dream consumable which will transport you to Briella's Reverie when used. In this area, you will be able to face the Huntress and once she is defeated you will receive the Sacred Hunt Feather, a material that will allow you to craft the Familiar weapon mod.

remnant 2 familiar mod

Unlock the Invader archetype

After reaching the checkpoint halfway through the Corrupted Harbor map in Root Earth, you will encounter an engine room that will allow you to reach a large arena. Once you have finished the battle in this arena, all you have to do is hit the large glowing pod that is on the ground with the Dreamcatcher to get the Walker's Dream consumable. This consumable, when used, will teleport you to a boss fight against Bane. Once you defeat this boss and get the Wooden Shiv, you can go to Ward 13 at Wallace's to unlock the Remnant 2 Invader archetype.

remnant 2 invader

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher: How to Get it
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