Remnant 2 Best Amulets

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Remnant 2 Best Amulets

After having told you about the best weapons and the best rings, now the time has come to also dedicate an article to the Remnant 2 best amulets. Charms are very useful items in the game economy and have many different effects. For this reason, we have decided to create this article in which we show you what, according to our experience, are the best amulets that you can use in the game.

Remnant 2 best amulets to get

As well as for weapons and rings, there are also many amulets and Remnant 2 amulets, and therefore choosing the most suitable one may not be a simple thing. But fear not: below is a list of the best ones you can equip. Remember, however, that you can only equip one at a time so consider your choice carefully.

remnant 2 amulets

Butcher's Fetish

  • Location: Ward 13, sold by Reggie for 1,000 Scrap.
  • Effect: +15% critical chance and +25% critical damage for 15 seconds after hitting an enemy with a charged melee attack.

Shock Device

  • Location: Losomn, Morrow Sanitorium. Found in the basement inside a small cell. You will need to go through a crawlspace.
  • Effect: +20% shock damage and +50% overloaded damage.
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One True King Sil

  • Location: Losomn, Nimue’s Retreat. Faerin and Faelin must be vanquished in two distinct runs, and after each combat, you must speak with the other character. The Faerin's Sigil and the Faelin's Sigil, both of which are needed to construct this item using Nimue, are obtained as a result of doing this.
  • Effect: Increases mod damage by 20%; enhances the effects of Faerin’s Sigil and Faelin’s Sigil by 50% per sigil equipped.

Shaed Bloom Crystal

  • Location: Losomn, Malefic Palace. In the basement of the Beatific Palace, you will come across a jester. Continue until you have solved the Card Jester's problem in the Malefic Palace. Look for the cellar in this area, and more specifically, the space with the bone pile.
  • Effect: Gain a +30% damage bonus, alternating between physical and elemental damage every five seconds.

Rusted Navigator's Pendant

  • Location: N’erud, Astropath’s Respite. Found in a room at the top of the spire just before you battle the dungeon’s boss.
  • Effect: Grants +15 health, +15 stamina, and -15 armor encumbrance.

Soul Anchor

  • Location: Yaesha, Bloodmoon Altar. It can be purchased for 10 Blood Moon Essence, 3 Lumenite Crystals, and 1,000 Scrap.
  • Effect: Summoning increases all damage dealt by 20% for 30 seconds.

Death's Embrace

  • Location: Yaesha, Forbidden Grove. Sold by Bedel of the Vaunnt for 1,000 Scrap.
  • Effect: +20% damage when your health is below 100%; gain haste effect when below 50% health.
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Talisman of the Sun

  • Location: Yaesha, Imperial Gardens. Make your way to the back section of the dungeon and open the ornate chest.
  • Effect: +20% fire damage and +50% burning damage.

Ankh of Power

  • Location: Root Earth, Ashen Wasteland. Found inside the two-story facility that looks like the Ward 13 building.
  • Effect: +15% damage; consuming a relic doubles this bonus for 15 seconds.

Escalation Protocol

  • Location: Root Earth, Corrupted Harbor. Once you have defeated the enemy in the engine room, take the side path to go to the open space. Grab this object from the decaying pod once you have eliminated the Evil Ent elite.
  • Effect: +2.5% damage dealt for 10 seconds after killing an enemy; stacks up to 10 times; dealing damage refreshes the duration.
Remnant 2 Best Amulets
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