Remnant 2 Best Weapons

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Remnant 2 Best Weapons

Although Remnant 2 makes available to players only three different types of weapons (long gun, handgun, melee), those that make up these three groups are many and well diversified from each other, with each one having its own peculiarities. For this reason, choosing the Remnant 2 best weapons to use in-game may not be a simple thing; however, we decided to create this tier list where we show you the best ones for each of the three categories.

Remnant 2 weapon tier list

The weapons that we indicate in this list take into consideration different aspects, including damage inflicted and mods, and our choice comes after many hours spent playing Remnant 2. It should be specified, however, that this is not a definitive list and that in based on your archetype you may find yourself better off using one weapon rather than another. Here is a general list of Remnant 2 weapons that have better stats and are therefore more effective overall.

Remnant 2 long guns tier list

The long guns are the weapons in which it is possible to indulge more with mods. They have a higher range than other weapons and are usually the ones that do the most damage to your opponents.

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remnant 2 widowmaker


  • Alpha / Omega: Charge shot fires a burst of five bolts. Each hit reduces charge time of 0.1s and increases damage by 10% for 1.5s.
  • Widowmaker: A single-shot sniper rifle with incredible range and accuracy. Comes fitted with a 3x scope.


  • Deceit: A pinpoint accurate split-barreled rifle that fires two penetrating rails. High base damage, but cannot score Weakspot hits.
  • Plasma Cutter: An energy-based cutting tool that increases damage when focused on a target.


  • Crescent Moon: An ethereal weapon that seems to resonate. Can be charged for more damage.
  • Crossbow: An accurate and deadly single-shot crossbow with a low sound profile.

Remnant 2 handguns tier list

Handguns are very useful to overcome some limitations that long guns have. For this reason, it is very important that you are able to choose the best ones so that life will be easier during your adventure.

remnant 2 rune pistol


  • Rune Pistol: A pistol infused with mysterious Fae magic. Rapidly fires 2-round bursts of energy. Trigger can be held to continuously fire.
  • Star Shot: Fires a fast-moving projectile which explodes on contact. Explosion has no damage falloff.


  • Enigma: Fires an electrical stream that jumps to nearby targets within 7.5m, dealing 25% reduced damage per jump.
  • Bolt Driver: An ingenius Gul rifle designed to harness energy from Pan crystals. Charge to fire a 3-shot burst.


  • Sureshot: A high caliber single-shot hunting pistol that inflicts heavy damage at mid to long range.
  • Service Pistol: A standard issue military spec sidearm known for its reliability and accuracy.
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Remnant 2 melee weapons tier list

The melee weapons in Remnant 2 can be very useful in case you find yourself fighting against enemies that need a melee approach in order to be defeated. Below, therefore, we list the ones that are the best.

remnant 2 world's edge


  • World's Edge: A glowing Greatsword forged from shards of a shattered Worldstone. Charga attacks cast waves.
  • Stonebreaker: A massive Greatsword which contains the harnessed magic of a corrupted Guardian. Can summon small shockwaves.


  • Atom Splitter: A giant tool for splitting heavy rocks.
  • Nightshade: Fast striking claws with a high Critical Hit chance.


  • Scrap Hammer: A large, heavy warhammer cobbled together from engine components. It is a slow-but-devastating weapon meant to destroy anything in hits.
  • Feral Judgement: A pair of gauntlets with sharp crystal blades that strike with vicious speed and velocity.
Remnant 2 Best Weapons
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