ReKTGlobal Partners with TalentX Entertainment to Start Esports Management Company

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ReKTGlobal Partners with TalentX Entertainment to Start Esports Management Company

A new esports management company has been born from two influential esports businesses.

ReKTGlobal, the parent company of Rogue and the London Royal Ravens, has just begun a new partnership with on the rise development company TalentX Entertainment… forming a new TalentX Gaming talent management company.

This enticing joint venture will keep an eye on creating and monetizing business opportunities for esports professionals and streamers. It will combine the efforts of both the founding parties.

Dave Bialek, CEO and Co-founder of ReKTGlobal, commented in a release:

TalentX Gaming is the formation of a unique and dynamic talent management company. It will combine ReKTGlobal’s esports industry-leading position and TalentX’s meteoric and unprecedented success with TikTok content creators. This partnership now affords gaming and esports influencers and athletes with unparalleled support, insights, and execution. TXG further cements ReKTGlobal as the most diversified and unequivocal leader in esports marketing.

Creator First?

TalentX Gaming (TXG) combines the “creator first” talent development and social media monetization prowess of TalentX — a company that took the influencer management industry by storm by growing a roster of the top one percent of TikTokkers in just six months — with ReKTGlobal’s position as a global esports leader that bridges the gap between the soon-to-be $3-billion esports industry and the worlds of music, entertainment and traditional sports.

The ReKTGlobal ownership team includes musical artists Steve Aoki, Imagine Dragons and Nicky Romero. Pro athletes include Rudy Gobert, Landon Collins and Taylor Fritz, and lead investor Nick Gross.

As the parent company to the championship-winning esports powerhouse Team Rogue and the London Royal Ravens Call of Duty franchise, ReKTGlobal has been working hard to try and achieve consistent esports success with their content creation and marketing. This partnership will only excel that.

“The esports and talent industries are exploding, yet influencers are very underserved in the gaming world. Like TalentX Entertainment, TalentX Gaming puts the creator first. It’s not just a motto; we will be in the trenches fighting battles with our creators and taking them places in their careers they never thought were possible,” said TalentX Gaming CEO Jason Wilhelm. “Every esports athlete, content creator and streamer — whether they have tens of millions of followers or are working on building their presence — will want to be part of TGX. We are going to take over. We will be the best in the business.”

Get Rekt Mate

The company’s all-in-one vision extends to its recent acquisitions of Fullcube, the leading platform for fan-based Insider programs, and Greenlit Content, a hybrid company behind some of gaming’s most popular media outlets and viral branded gaming content. There will also be events and activations for brands like Xbox, HyperX, Epic Games, Activision Blizzard and Warner Bros. With the formation of TalentX Gaming, ReKTGlobal adds talent management and influencer marketing to its full-service offerings.

Will this partnership will become a failure despite the high amount of glamours and celebrity name drops?  ReKT has been a big name in the world of esports so far. While they've had a lot of success, pushing a “creator first” narrative in 2020 isn’t a surefire way to turn heads. There are a lot of other options for gamers and streamers to use at their disposal.

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