Red Bull Releases AR Games Featuring Ninja And Sports Pros To Win Exclusive Prizes

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Red Bull Releases AR Games Featuring Ninja And Sports Pros To Win Exclusive Prizes

The new Discover Your Wiiings games give players the chance to win awesome prizes.

Today, Red Bull announced their debut of Discover Your Wiiings, a series of augmented reality (“AR”) games. These games were made in cooperation with Red Bull athletes, including gaming sensation Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and sports superstars Carissa Moore, Zion Wright, Travis Pastrana and Kate Courtney. Each of them has their own, unique game for players to try. For example, Ninja's game focused on gaming in an “e-arena”. Some others include skating in a skatepark and mountain biking in the forest.

In addition, people can potentially win some sweet rewards for playing. The highlights of these prizes are a custom activation surfboard, skateboard, custom computer case, Scott helmet and remote-control race car. Moreover, the aforementioned prizes are exclusive to these games, which will only be around until March 31. So if you want a chance to get one of the grand prizes with one of the athletes, a custom sport item or signature merchandise, you'd best be ready to play. Only the top scorers from each game will be able to.

For those interested, you can play all of these games on the Red Bull AR app, available on IOS and Android. From here, you can select an athlete then redeem a code from select Red Bull cans or packs. After that, you should be all set to hop in and start playing!

To get the full details about the games and prizes, visit Red Bull's website.

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